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4 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Jan Says:


    Do you know thomething about this condo:

    Greetings from Germany

    Jan Müseler
    GmbH & Co. KG
    pers. haftende Gesellschafterin
    Jan Müseler Verw. GmbH
    St.-Nr 30/092/05403

  2. Tony Says:

    I recommend you do a post on the house at the end of Rockledge Dr. in Rye Brook, NY.

    And in Flying Point, near Southampton, NY, the house at the end of Channel Point Ct.

  3. Tony Says:

    At the end of Dublin RD on the banks of the Scioto River, in Columbus OH, there is a house that looks like it could be up to 30,000 sq ft. and another big orange house about a mile south on the river that seems to be a 2 house compound. Look for these, at least the first one, and post these! I dont think you look for these!

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