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Estate Community for Russia’s Super Rich

July 16, 2009

(50-room hotel) I wish it was a mansion!

This extraordinary community, dubbed Agalarov Golf & Country Club ( Estate section is dubbed Agalarov Estates, was built by billionaire Aras Agalarov who is considered the Donald Trump of Russia. Aras, who has a net worth of $1.2 billion, built the community in hopes of attracting Russia’s super rich and elite. The community contains a magnificent 18-hole golf course with restaurant, a sand-beach with pool and restaurant, a volleyball court, clay tennis courts, a go-carting track, a 50-room hotel for homeowners’ guests, a sports club, a shooting range, a football field, a  helipad, horse riding paths and an exclusive private school. Each individual villa has been designed with a distinctive architectural departure from the palace style, and outfitted with a huge pool and winter garden. There is also a completely refashioned and stunning landscape, containing some 34 hectares of water space and a 10-hectare lake. The community consists of 250 estate homes that range from over 10,000 square feet to over 35,000 square feet. The homes start at $10 million and go all the way up to $25 million! The homeowners are not allowed to have their bodyguards live with them, so there are special homes built just for them. Also, homeowners must abide by these three laws. They cannot hang their laundry outside, they cannot use fireworks, and they cannot have dogs. 


Mega Mansion Talk!

July 15, 2009

John Finton is the owner of Finton Construction, a Los Angeles firm that has about 30 luxury projects under construction at a time. Him and his company have built some of the most impressive homes in Southern California, especially in the Beverly Hills area. His firm built Haim Saban’s house in Beverly Park, Alec Gores’ house in Beverly Park, Eddie Murphy’s house in Beverly Park, and many many others. He estimates his firm does about $70 million in annual construction sales. Not only does he build homes in the USA, but he also plans and builds massive estates in other countries.
His firm is building a 60,000 square foot, yes folks 60,000, mega-mansion in Moscow, Russia. The massive home, which is being built for a very very rich woman, will include a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and a bowling alley.
Wait. There’s more!!! Although John is not building it, his architect friend is designing it. What is it? Well, his friend is currently designing a 100,000 square foot home in Shanghai!! 

This is a model of a proposed mega-mansion being offered by Khatri International Inc. The 11.9 acres property is located off of Laurel Canyon Blvd in Los Angeles. Khatri has two options for the new buyer. They can either build you nine 10,000 square foot executive homes, each with additional 4,000 square feet of enclosed parking space or a grand 30,000 square foot palace, which is pictured above. I would definitely opt for the 2nd option. The 30,000 square foot home would have an 18,000 square foot subterranean garage (which would bring it to 48,000 square feet!!), an incredible 60-seat movie theater, a 4-lane bowling alley, a huge billiards room, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, and a rooftop helicopter.

This amazing 20,000+ square foot mega-mansion, dubbed Le Grand Reve, was designed by Landry Design Group. I would love to know more about this home.

I mentioned this home in one of my previous posts. Now, I have found out who owns this monstrosity. The owner is Alec Gores, a self made billionaire ($1.5 billion to be exact) who made his fortune through leveraged buyouts of technology firms. The 42,000 square foot French Normandy Mega-Mansion is located in the exclusive gated Beverly Park community located in Los Angeles, CA. Finton Construction built the home and the Landry Design Group designed it.
CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PICS OF THE HOME (located under Projects, then click Completed. Its the last home on the page)

Russian business tycoon buys $99,000,000 Moscow Townhouse!

October 3, 2008

Location: Moscow, Russia
Price Sold For: $99,000,000
Square Feet: 14,000

The 14,000 square foot ultra luxurious townhouse was snatched up by a Russian business tycoon. What a surprise! Lately, every high priced real estate story has included a Russian businessman. They make billions from oil and building mega conglomerates and then go on insane real estate buying sprees. This townhouse is located within Moscow’s Chistie Prudy Residence complex and includes 7 plus stories, 5 bedrooms, 5 full baths, 3 half baths, a floor dedicated to the children, a swimming pool in the basement, and a rooftop winter garden. For that much money, I would want a lot more space and definitely more bedrooms and bathrooms.