Mansion or Mega-Mansion?

I think that both terms, mansion and mega-mansion, are always used too lightly. For example, the title of this news story is “Mega-Mansions suffer dramatic price declines.” When I read the title, I was excited to read the rest of the story. Then I got to the 2nd paragraph and read the number 9,700, yes 9,700. What? This is misleading. I can remember dozens of articles like these where the title contains the word mansion or mega-mansion and the story is about homes that are not even close to that. A 9,700 square foot home is not a mega-mansion, by no means. It is merely a mansion or even a large home by some people’s standards. Like I said in a recent post, a mansion is anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 square feet. So, this home would be considered a mansion. A mega-mansion to me would be 20,000 square feet and up. Well, I guess the author wanted to spark readers’ interest by including the word “mega” in the title. Still, it gets me annoyed. What about you?

4 Responses to “Mansion or Mega-Mansion?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don't think there is a textbook definition of 'mega-mansion' versus mansion, much like the terms yacht, mega yacht, super yacht, giga yacht, etc. also have a lot of grey areas. Personally, I don't care what term you use in front of mansion, but it's somewhat reassuring that people in this echelon are having troubles as well, much like the people living in mini mansions or McMansions.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, 9,000 sq ft is a really big house, for sure. But people don't seem to know what's out there to compare it to. What would writer who called a 9,000 sq ft house a "mega-mansion" call a home that is 50,000 sq ft?

  3. Nathan Says:

    By their standards, it was probably a mega mansion.

  4. Tony Says:

    I'm not losin sleep over it.

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