Miami Millionaire Robert Zarco

This is the home of Robert Zarco, who is a founder of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito, a law firm that specializes in helping franchises. He is an immigrant from Cuba who started his first company when he was just 7! His house is located at 5740 N Bay Road in Miami, FL. The home is valued at $23 million and consists of 13 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and over 18,000 square feet of living space. The home also has 2 outside kitchens, a swimming pool with 2 spas, a circular staircase with hand painted mural that cost $50,000, a $40,000 crystal chandelier, and a home theater. Robert is worth an estimated $50 million, which is a far cry from where he started from. He was recently featured on How’d You Get So Rich starring Joan Rivers on TV Land. Robert’s wife stated in the show that she spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on shoes!!

5 Responses to “Miami Millionaire Robert Zarco”

  1. Chance Says:

    Man…..another thing about mansions I don't understand; why do you need 13 bedrooms? Unless you got 8 children living at home that just seems like a pointless way to make the house big. My rule is 3 guest bedrooms maximum.

  2. a s Says:

    When you have such a huge house, chances are you wont even be using most of it. Nobody really "needs" that much space, it's mostly just to show that you can afford it.

    People will eventually run out of stuff to fill their rooms with, so turning any leftover empty rooms into extra bedrooms is a relatively easy way of giving them a purpose, even if they will probably go unused. All you need is a bed and maybe some additional furniture.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If his net worth has dropped to $50M (and $23M of that is his mansion) he better get his wife to slow down on the shoes. $27M is a lot of money still, but hundreds of thousands on shoes…sounds like she’s got a spending problem that could fatally drain him.

    That is a real problem for some people: rich; super rich; or middle class even. Take a tumble on your assets without cutting back on your spending and the tumble turns into an avalanche.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I thought this was funny as crap. Our former CFO (Fortune 100 Company) bought a ~9,000sqft mansion. The IT staff setup an at home PC for him and a few days later he asked them to come back and move it to another room that he and his wife found.

    They were looking at the rear of their house from the pool and said what room is that? Turned out what they thought was a closet door from another room lead to large additional bonus area.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    This is funny these people are going on a reality show called "how'd you get this rich" when it should be how'd you not get caught while you were both cheating on your spouses" she was making minimum as a gate agent and he had 3 kids with current wife the youngest wasmaybe 1 year old, and they met while he was waiting for his flight and she was meeting passengers and she was the gate agent and they were both married, and the rest is history, disgusting but now they are on t.v. because he has money, it is true what the say money talks and BS wlaks.

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