"Le Grand Reve" Mansion on the Market

This 17,000 square foot mansion is located at 68 Locust Road in Winnetka, Illinois. It is dubbed Le Grand Reve, which means The Big Dream. It was designed by Landry Design Group. It is owned by Sherwin and Deborah Jarol. Sherwin is a managing partner of Bradley Associates, a real estate investment company. The home is privately on the market for $32 million, which makes it more expensive than the 35,000 square foot, $25 million Villa Taj. It is listed with Sudler Sothebys. The house has 7 bathrooms, 8 fireplaces, and a 4-car garage. The Jarols paid $2.56 million for the property 6 years ago. 

6 Responses to “"Le Grand Reve" Mansion on the Market”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I do not understand their logic. T he only parralel I can think of is that I boudht a pair of shoes from Walmart for $34.95. I have worn them for 6 months and have put them up for sale for $34,999,995.00Kenny if anyone buys them I'll pay a commission.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Where might I purchase said shoes?
    I am very interested.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I understand people like to think THEIR house is worth more than anyone elses comporable house, but why would a real estate firm and/or agent waste time and money listing and trying to sell something so overpriced. The other day I noticed on realtor.com a house in Alpine N.J. on the market for over 2,600 days. Guys, that is not a misprint. It's on for 10 million.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wait wait, I'll buy the shoes at TWICE the price just as long as you agree to give me 10% of the commission.

    Deal Kenny?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You guys realize that the $2.56 million paid was for the lot and existing house, right? The owners bulldozed the old house and put this manse on it.

    However, I think $32 million is still $12-$15 million overpriced. It's not even on Lake Michigan for crying out loud!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    No home in the Greater Chicago area is going to sell at this kind of pricing. For a long time the most expensive Chicagoland orioerty was Lansdowne which was listed for $ 25 million for over five years before it sold for half that much. And then the buyer splut the property into several plots and is now asking for more for the main house alone than he paid for the entire property – before the recession.

    A suggestion to the Landry folk – Dream On Baby!

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