Alvin Malnik’s Palm Beach Behemoth

Alvink Malnik, the rumored mafia man, lives in this palatial 38,000 square foot that is located on a 3.4 acre oceanfront lot in Palm Beach, FL. While I thought the square footage was 61,000, I guess I was wrong. Alvin along with his wife and 3 children live in the gigantic Italianate mansion. They are building another home right next to this one that will consist of 18,000 square feet. So, the total square footage comes to 56,000!!! The new addition is described as a children’s play area and will hold an Asian Gallery in the lower level. The house was recently appraised at $19.8 million, but may say that its worth twice as much.

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  1. jdubble07 Says:

    Here's a great photo of the front elevation from A1A.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Instead of saying "the rumored mafia man" how'z about saying "the 2007 Miami citizen of the year" or "the largest donor to make a wish foundation" or "owns the most successful eatery in the country" or "the founder of the cancer society" or ……………..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Kenny:

    The Total square footage is 61,946 sq ft. The New York Social Diary is wrong 😉

    Sorry about the nasty link.

    The home is actually located in the Town of Ocean Ridge, which is not nearly as nice as Palm Beach.

    Malnik was also a good friend of Michael Jackson, and pictures of MJ's kids at this house are on TMZ.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    "The Total square footage is 61,946 sq ft. The New York Social Diary is wrong ;)"

    That's funny. Malnik's own website list the house at 35,000 sf.

    The LOT maybe 62,000sf but certainly not the house.

  5. Kieran Says:

    Whoa great post, nice house

  6. Anonymous Says:

    If you look at that link, you will see that the total square footage takes into account the porches, patios, garages, everything. Actual air conditioned sf is about 32000 or so if you add both buildings listed. A bunch of concrete without ac or walls is not living area. A true 60,000 sf air conditioned house would probably be 75,000+ sf counting all the other non AC areas. THAT is a huuuuuge house, there are only a few around in that league.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, when listing a homes square footage (at least in Florida), it takes into account garages, porches, balconies, etc. The reason that there are so many different square footages listed for a single estate (such as this one) is that people incorrectly cite a homes AIR-CONDITIONED square footage.

    Once again going back to the link, one is shown TOTAL sq. footage of 61946. This INCLUDES the yet UNFINISHED art/guest/play house (17383 Total/10005 a/c sq ft). The MAIN house is 44563 total, 22787 a/c. I suppose that's how Malnik's own website gets the 35K number(a/c + a/c). The lot by the way is 3.4298 acres which is 149402 sq ft.

    Take another example. The Sydell Miller estate (aka La Reverie) which has been showcased on this site is 84626 TOTAL. Yet, a/c is 'only' 34775. I can assure you that every listing agent would cite the sq footage as 84626. However, the company that built the home ( says it is 60000 sq ft. How in the heck did they get that? a/c + garage?

    To make a long story short, whenever a sq footage is given, it is 98% given in TOTAL sq ft based on the property appraiser's records.

    Regardless of playing these numbers however, any future buyer of the Malnik estate will care less about a number on a tax record. What they will care about is the absolute immense size of the home visually, the location, the interior details and will sign the contract on that basis.

    Oh and fyi, the builder of this home is Randall Stofft, but his site does not include any photos of this home 😦

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Well that may be the case in Florida, but that is hardly the rule nationwide. In Texas the homes for sale have their living space that is air conditioned cited as the home's square footage. Garages and porches, patios, etc…are not considered part of the home. There are exceptions, such as the white elephant Champ D'Or, where the actual home (around 35,000 sf) is quoted as having 48,000 because of garages and other covered (but not enclosed) spaces. But 99% of the time, the listing is the living area, not car parking area or patio area. These "total" listings are just ego driven displays of "look how big my house is." I agree, however, that some (not all) of the potential buyers of these homes don't care about that number. Some, however, do. That's why you see so many homes that are 20,000 sf, not 19,000, or even 10,000 sf instead of 9,000. To a a lot of people, it does matter when they are bragging to their equally rich friends.

    I appreciate your blog, Kenny.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    In Michigan, the square footage is generally the above ground interior square footage, no garage, no porches etc. Finished basement square footage is listed separately.
    Some unscrupulous realtors will add in the basement square footage to make the home appear larger than it really is.

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