Lake Carrington Estate Back on the Market

The magnificent Lake Carrington Estate, which spans over 26,000 square feet,  is officially back on the market. Built by Antares Development back in 2007, this grand colonial is located on Langhorne Lane in Greenwich, CT. The home was originally listed for $28,000,000 back in 2007. The price for the estate now is almost a whopping 50% lower at $14,500,000. The home’s interior is unfinished, leaving the potential buyer to customize it any way that they want to. The home features 7 bedrooms, 8 full baths and 9 half baths, and is situated on 9 acres of prime property that includes a lake. This luxurious mansion also comes with a 36 foot long indoor lap pool, 3 family room, a home theater, a 20,000 bottle wine cellar with its own tasting room, squash/basketball court, and 2 elevators.

8 Responses to “Lake Carrington Estate Back on the Market”

  1. Kieran Says:

    Do you have virtual globe trotting or satillite link for this house?

  2. Kenny Says:

    here you go.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was shown the house within the last 60 days. There are NO bathrooms, NO kitchen, NO appliances, NO air conditioning system, No elevators, No flooring, carpet, tile, marble, wood etc. Primed, not painted or finished in any way walls. Oh, all the things promised for the basement aren't there either, it is not unfinished but untouched. George

  4. Kenny Says:

    Wow, really? Thats alot to be done. Were you looking into buying the house?!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Forgot to mention the square ft, claim includes unfinished attic space, the garages, basement storage AND 1,980 sq ft of patio/deck. By the way I saw no deck. I am not in favor of more govt. regulation in most areas but there should some regulaion. The lies are rediculous. George

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Kenny, Yes I was, George

  7. Kenny Says:

    sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. i remember them saying that the house totaled 40,000 square feet! when i heard that, I was like there is no way. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do for a living in which you could afford such a house?! lol. sorry I'm just really obsessed with large homes and money (as you can tell by my website) lol.

  8. Kenny Says:

    hey george, here is my email:

    could you email me so that i have your email address. i want to ask you some questions. if thats okay. thanks.

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