Champ D’Or gets a new Listing Agency and new asking Price!

Champ D’or, the 48,000 square foot Mega Chateau, is now listed with Briggs Freeman. The asking price? A steal at $27 million and far less than what it had originally been listed at! The home, which is located at 1851 Turbeville Road in Hickory Creek, TX, was first listed at $48 million over 6 years ago. Then the price went to $35 million, then to $59.55 million, then to $72 million, then to $65.5 million, and now to its current price. What a real estate roller coaster ride! I have a feeling though that the home will still not sell. Over the years, the Realtors that have listed this home have spent close to $350,000 advertising it and even throwing large parties. Mr. Goldfield apparently put $36 million into the house, so if the home sells at this price, he will actually lose money.
P.S – The mansion is finally visible in Bird’s Eye View!!!

8 Responses to “Champ D’Or gets a new Listing Agency and new asking Price!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This house is truly magnificent.
    Worth every penny.
    Which is rare.
    $27 million is a deal for this property.

  2. Kieran Says:

    I really hope they can sell this and to someone who's really going to enjoy it the way it deserves to be. I agree its worth every penny. I love the pool off the master suite, I've been looking for that photo for sometime. Cheers kenny!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It isn't worth that amount or even close to that. It is appraised at about 14 million on the website. Why? Location, location, location. Take a look at the satelite pics and you will see that there are homes that are falling apart, a trailer park, a Walmart, and other structures that are pure poison to anyone rich (and snobby) enough to buy this house. If it were in Highland Park, TX it would be worth more. In Hickory Creek, Texas, it is out of place. It might be picked up by a Russian billionaire or a rich Middle-Easterner for their 10th home or something, but otherwise, the word around here in Dallas it that it might be bulldozed if it doesn't sell. The owners haven't lived in it for years, bascially since they built it–the owner lost A LOT of his wealth in the dotcom bust and decided to sell the house almost immediately after moving in.

    There is a video on youtube about this house–just search for Champ D-or.

    Great work as always Kenny!

  4. JDubble07 Says:

    I remember hearing a story back in '04 that Alan and Shirley had originally decided to put the estate on the market after a late night argument over who would take the hike down to the kitchen to get some Haagen Dazs.
    I couldn't believe it. A house that big and there isn't even a wet bar in the master bedroom? I'd sure as hell have one.

  5. Kieran Says:

    We've all seen the video, we've all lookd around it on satillite

    Id live in that next to trailer parks if i wanted to live in america. With a helecopter its all the same.

  6. Brijbhushan Bhattadri Says:

    The property is now being offered with much less land than before – just 25 acres of garden. The original offering was for around 300 acres. I wonder what happened to the additional land?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    They built a trailer park on it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I really don't know why the decision was made to build such an extravagant home with extreme detailing in the middle of nowhere.

    Bulldozing it would probably be the best choice.

    Sad though, because this home has by-far the best staircase I have ever seen!.

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