Shaquille O’Neal finally sells his Star Island Mansion

Recently traded basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal has finally sold his Miami mansion which is located on the exclusive Star Island after a few years on the market. The home was bought by Russian billionaire¬†Vladislav Doronin (Naomi Campbell’s rumored boyfriend) for $16 million. This is nowhere near what it was originally priced at. Shaq bought the house for $18.8 million back in August of 2004. The home, which measures in at 19,444 square feet, was first put on the market for a whopping $35 million. Then, it went down to $22.5 million. Thank god Shaq has finally sold it, because he now has money to buy another huge mansion when he arrives in Cleveland!

One Response to “Shaquille O’Neal finally sells his Star Island Mansion”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Cleveland comment is hilarious.
    I can't believe LeBron's dumbass built that ridiculous mega mansion there.
    Who is ever going to buy that?

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