Atlanta’s Priciest Pad

This is currently the most expensive residential listing in Atlanta, GA. It is listed for $14,500,000 and is located at 3410 Ridgewood Road. This custom French manor estate, which will be completed very soon, includes imported limestone floors and molding, a gorgeous limestone and brick exterior, and many more fine materials. The mansion contains 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a grand double bridal staircase, a 2-story great room, a family room, a home office, a home theater, a wine cellar, a limestone terrace, a swimming pool, and an indoor sports court that has 25+ ft ceilings.

7 Responses to “Atlanta’s Priciest Pad”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Something that I find most annoying about Atlanta home listings is the lack of square footage. A friend who is a NC real estate broker has friends in GA in the industry saying that a few years back (I'd say 5+ at least) there were so many law suits over square footage inconsistencies that the Atlanta MIS stopped carrying them. With a smaller home maybe you can guesstimate that 3 bedrooms is X while 5 bedrooms is Y. With 9 bedrooms and all of these extras on this mansion…who knows if it is 15,000sqft or 35,000sqft? I did see on the listing website that the lot available from 3 to 5 acres, so I’d guess the mansion sits on 3 acres…they builder is offer the buyer of this mansion the opportunity to purchase the other 2 acres before starting another mansion (or 2) on it.

    This may be the priciest home in Atlanta proper, but I think the priciest home in the greater Atlanta area is Evander Holyfield’s 104-room, 54,000sqft mansion on 235 acres. It must rank in the largest homes in the US.

  2. Kenny Says:

    I know!!! Its really annoying that they don't provide the square footage. The owner of Tina Fountain Realtors in Atlanta was telling me about it. He is annoyed with it too. I would guess that the home is over 15,000 square feet.

    yeah you're right. Evander's house is definitely more expensive than this one. I'm just saying that this is the most expensive house currently on the market.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, that is interesting what you guys are saying about the square footage. I wondered about that too.

    When Evander's mega-mansion goes on the market, how much you do think it'll be listed at, Kenny?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That is correct about the annoying Atlanta MLS and the lack of square footage.
    I was looking at moving there and was looking at potential houses and it was frustrating that you could not search by square footage.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    My buddy who told me about this said that people were going to court over inconsistences as small as 5-10sqft. I mean CRAZY stuff, but if 3990sqft and the selling agent calls it 4000sqft to get those buyers looking for 4000sqft+ then that is unethical (and illegal).

    For the Charlotte area GIS site (not MLS) they list the heated and unheated sqft where when I saw my old house for sale the relator was listing the unheated value as the heated value in the MLS to squeeze out another 150sqft. Since then the MLS now lists both values as a range

    3,500-4,100 for 3,500 heated but 4,100 total sqft.

  6. aria Says:

    The last poster is right. I used to build houses with my dad in Atlanta suburbs and we always excluded the unheated area from the square footage. My dad being an architect would always calculate the exact footage by the map with some small margin of error due to the actual implementation of the map into the physical structure. In addition, we wouldn't include the stairs even though it would fall under the heated area. I knew some realtors even included areas like under the columned decks, garages, some patio, and stairs to an unfinished basements just to hype up the footage. I even encountered this builder who was counting Romeo & Juliet balconies (5-10 sqft max) who weren't even accessible, for crying out loud.

    And about this house. I drove around the Ridgewood road in early 2008 and this is an area that is sort of bounded by the Chattahoochee river to the west so there is some sort of seclusion to it. But I highly doubt the area is more expensive than other famous and well-known streets where houses go of higher prices. And from the looks of it, this house has absolutely nothing especial to it; as a matter of fact, there are several other newly built (perhaps finished in 2007 and 2008) in that neighborhood that literally dwarf this little tiny home. I am not a bit impressed and I've built houses ranging from 4500 up to 9000 sqft even though I've been out of development business since 2006. Of course, if you build a similar house 30 mins north of Atlanta, it won't go more than $2.5 million but then again, we don't have the exact footage. The only incentive to the price is the possibility of having a large lot (3-5 acres). However, driving through the neighborhood, I clearly remember that the lots had a number of flood zones with creeks and peppered with high hills and low valleys. Remember, this is an area close to the Chattahoochee river.

  7. JD Says:

    Aria, you are correct in the fact that this home is nothing special at all. I am a developer as well and building right around the corner of this property. I walked through it about a week ago and would guess it to be approaching 20,000 sq. ft. including the terrace level. The finish of the interio are on par for this price of home but the layout leaves alot to be desired. The flanking garages on the front of the home are so unattractive. I do wish the builder luck in selling this home but if he is like me, he is sweating it big time. I started my spec almost a year and a half ago and have slowed progress to a crawl due to lack of intrest from “qualified” buyers. As you may know, the last 30% of construction is about 70% of the cost.

    Also, it is not new construction but “Le Reve” in Cumming GA is for sale at 45 million which trumps the 14 mill asking price of this property.


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