Live like Royalty in Monsey, NY

Location: 11 Jay Court, Monsey, NY
Price: $5,500,000
Square Feet: 17,000

This grand mansion belongs to Chaim Citronenbaum who  recently pleaded guilty to orchestrating a financial fraud in which he illegally made $1.68 million. He faces between 46 and 57 months in prison and $3.2 million in fines when sentenced July 30. He also must forfeit $1.6 million as part of his plea. Citronenbaum pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to two federal counts: conspiracy to commit mail fraud and to defraud the Internal Revenue Service, and mail fraud.

The mansion sits on a culdesac at the end of Jay Ct and is monstrous compared to surrounding homes. It features an astounding 15 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It also includes a 2-story foyer with floating double bridal staircase, ornate furniture and decor, marble floors, a two-story library, a gourmet kitchen with adjoining 2-story breakfast room, a 2-story great room, and a glass enclosed conservatory that houses an indoor swimming pool.

2 Responses to “Live like Royalty in Monsey, NY”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It seems like people want to stuff as much opulense and bling into their homes as they can. Sometimes it seems like these people are dilusional, thinking that their home is an actual palace where the king lives. It's not. You'd think that in a time when the economy is slumping, that people wouldn't decorate their homes like this.

    The outside is fantastic though!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    With all that money to burn, he still had to rig up an boxy indoor A/C in his kitchen nook and then run a pipe to the nearest window.

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