Glencoe – One of the Main Line’s Largest and Most Expensive Estates

Glencoe is a magnificent estate located at 530 Fishers Road in Bryn Mawr, PA. It was built by Michael G. Haines who owns Waverly Real Estate Co. The home contains 26,000 square feet of pure luxurious living space and was once listed for $12.5 million.
Here is what the home includes:
First Floor – 7,989 square feet
  • dining room
  • 2-story great room
  • a gallery
  • 3 staircases
  • staff room
  • laundry room
  • kitchen w/ butler’s pantry
  • breakfast room
  • family room
  • 3 bathrooms
  • a porch
  • sunroom
  • his and hers librarys
Second Floor – 7,213 square feet
  • 6 bedrooms with their own baths and closets
  • master retreat with master bath and 2 walk-in closets,
  • reading loft
Third Floor – 3,015 square feet
  • 2 bedrooms
  • a lounge
  • a large cedar closet
  • a sitting area
Lower Level – 8,000 square feet (unfinished)
= 26,000 square feet, 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms


6 Responses to “Glencoe – One of the Main Line’s Largest and Most Expensive Estates”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    "The Main Line's Largest"

    Just today you have a larger Main Line estate on your site.

    As for most expensive, there is an another Main Line estate listed for $18 million. 1211 Mirabeau Lane in Gladwyne.

  2. Kenny Says:

    true. i did not even realize it. sorry. an article on this house said that it was the largest, but apparently its wrong. thanks. i'll change it to "one of the main line's largest"

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Kenny check out this place in Dallas. I was going to look up the 1211 Mirabeau Lane house on zillow, and zillow has this Dallas estate featured selling for ~$30M.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Found the Mirabeau house.

  5. Kenny Says:

    thanks for the info on the dallas house. the mirabeau lane house is one of my favorites! i did a post on it already.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Did you see the note on the Dallas estate…Interlocking Koi ponds loaded with about a million dollars worth of Koi

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