Newly Constructed Alpine, NJ English Manor with Tricked Out Garage

This amazing mansion is located on Tulip Tree Lane in Alpine, NJ and was designed by renowned architect James Paragano. The grounds include a swimming pool with pool house and a tennis court.
Here is an excerpt from a website:
” The design concept of the project includes a primary vehicular procession through the home beginning with the porte cochere into a grand motor court with garage storage for 5 automobiles including one special showcase building. The drive continues down a private cylindrical ramp to a secret parking structure hidden below ground where a motorized turntable rotates exotic cars for easy parking and display. The procession is an evolving architectural experience that begins with a 600 foot long driveway and culminates in an elaborate lower level complex complete with a large auto showroom, exercise and spa area, recreation and bar area, as well as an indoor basketball court. The combined upper and lower garage space encompasses room for over 25 automobiles.


8 Responses to “Newly Constructed Alpine, NJ English Manor with Tricked Out Garage”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    WOW…don't know how much the mansion cost to build, but it looks like they've got ~$5-10M in cars just from the view they show of what is on display.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The owner of this house is a God.
    Enzo, MC12, Carerra GT.
    I am in love.

  3. Jon Says:

    hahhahah no way, i live on 42 rio vista lanes in alpine and i know the guy who lives in that house, his son is in my school

  4. Kenny Says:

    there is no such street as Rio Vista Lanes

  5. Jon Says:

    my bad i was reading the tulip lanes when i wrote that, i know its drive, my neighbor is the Stark family, they have 2 kids, one just finished his first year in college and they also have a daughter, that was just to prove i wasnt lieing haha… thing about the Stark house that is cool is that as u go up the elevator the whole wall is painted and it is like a story, also they have an indoor water slide

  6. Kenny Says:

    wow, you're lucky! i always drive by that area looking at homes. how large is your house? Also, what do your parents do for a living?

    this home (in the post) is amazing! do you know the name of the guy who owns it?


  7. Jon Says:

    i dont know the name of the guy, i can find out my friend adam is his neighbor, the house across the street that is HUGE (60,000 sqft) is owned by the drapkin family, i should say WAS owned cause they sold it, all 4 of us go to school in englewood so we know each other

    and yea, my house is only about 14,000, my dad is a cardiologist and also does real estate stuff, my mom does internal medicine

  8. Kenny Says:

    okay, that would be great. yeah, that house is extremely HUGE lol. It doesn't like it from the front though when you drive past.

    14,000 square feet is still pretty big though! lol. i would love to have a house that size.

    Do you think that you can take pictures of some of the homes in Rio Vista and send them to me? I would love to post them on my website.


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