Dean Gardens is Officially back on the Market

Dean Gardens, a grand mega-mansion located in Alpharetta, has just entered the real market….again! The massive 42,000 square foot estate has been on and off the market for an unbelievable 15 years. It includes 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and is situated on an amazing 58 acres. The home was built for Larry and Lynda Dean, but was put on the market after their split. It is appraised at a healthy $35 million, but carries and unexpected sticker price of $13.9 million. The vast home comes with every amenity possible and was built with the finest materials around. It is located at 5100 Old Alabama Road in Alpharetta, GA. It is now in competition with the uber luxurious La Reve estate which is about the same size. The only difference is that La Reve is over $30 million more expensive! Be sure to check out my older post on this house that includes more details and pictures.

9 Responses to “Dean Gardens is Officially back on the Market”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That is a badass house.
    That is a pretty good price for something like that.
    The scalloped shaped pool is pretty pimp.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This place seems really weird. It doesn't feel like a home or like the people who owned it had any personal sense of style so they decided to make each room a "theme".

  3. Kieran Says:

    The whole package really is amazing

  4. Tony Says:

    AWESOME pad! especially for the price! how is this place not selling?? it must be severely haunted or perhaps a giant massacre took place here. i love the different themed rooms! some of the furniture is ugly but architecture is amazing. and the grounds are just wicked. gotta love the irony of a private wedding chapel on a home that's on the market due to a divorce. i wouldn't hesitate to pay full price for this place if i had the $$$.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Can you say tacky?


    Reminds me of the home from She-Devil.

    The grounds are nice…but it's Alpharetta. Not exactly the best place to build a home this size.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I agree that a home this large should be built somewhere else, such as Aspen, Hamptons, Palm Beach,etc… but I think that you should live where you want to live, and if you have the money, build wherever you want. Just look at LeBron James and Ira Rennert as examples. Their homes are massive compared to their neighbors.

  7. Tony Says:

    the decore is a little over the top but the overall eclectic theme is unmatched. and who cares where the location is?? when you have a compoud like this then there's really no need to travel outside the gates. this place could be smack dab in the middle of the Mohave Desert and, as an owner, i would still be just as content as if it were on the Malibu coast.

  8. aria Says:

    Did you guys know that it was once owned by Michael Jackson? It believe he purchased and resold the estate after holding on to it for a short time. He bought and sold another mega mansion near this place. MJ is truly a whack job.

  9. David Says:

    This house was never owned by Michael Jackson. I went to school with the owners daughter Bree. We dated for 2 years and her mother and her live in a mansion behind the estate in Thornhill Subdivision on the river. This house was originally built for a cost of 2.5 million. Well over a decade ago. His daughter had 9 cars just for herself and we used to play golf at the estate. Larry her father designed the software for atms and had a net worth of over 1.5 billion in 1994. He never went broke just didnt have a use for the home anymore thats why he was selling it.

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