Pictures of Alpine Mansions taken by a Homes of the Rich Reader

These two pictures are of the back an side of the $16,500,000 mansion locoated on Buckingham Drive. I love this house soooo much and it is one of my personal favorites.

This is the $8,000,000 home that pop star Britney Spears rented out for 1 month at a cost of $30,000.

I have no idea what street this mansion is being completed on. If anyone knows, leave a comment below.

This house used to be on the market for $16,500,000, but has sinces been removed from the njmls. It has one of the grandest gated entries on the blocl. It is located on The Esplanade in the prestigious Rio Vista section.

This is the 11,000 square foot, $15 million mansion that was bought by Yankees player C.C Sabathia. The home was built by Alliots Construction. 

This home is located on Litchfield Way. The 11,000 square foot mansion sold for $10,900,000 and was built by Pinncale Custom.


One Response to “Pictures of Alpine Mansions taken by a Homes of the Rich Reader”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great effort! Would be cool if someone in CT did the same

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