A look at Lake Carrington’s Floorplans

I looked for hours trying to find the floorplans to the Lake Carrington estate and I finally found them. I think I am the only website that has them posted. As you all know, the estate is located in prestigious Greenwich, CT and is on the market for around $25 million. Alex Rodriguez was reported to be looking to buy it. The 31,376 square foot main house was designed by renowned architect Boris Baranovich and was built by Antares Developers. 
CLICK HERE for more info on this estate

4 Responses to “A look at Lake Carrington’s Floorplans”

  1. sperhar Says:

    article about the builder:


    foyer picture:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Floorplan porn.
    This house is huge.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The first floor plan includes a reference to a third floor for the residence. Do you have that plan that you can post? I wondered where the spiral stairs off of the “her dressing room” went to…

  4. alexanderSIMPLE Says:

    good find. the entire “marketing brochure” is here:


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