Massive Indiana mansion being Built

This large mega-mansion is being built at 1107 Laurelwood in Carmel , IN. The massive home contains what appears to be an indoor basketball court, a circular driveway, a large attached garage, a swimming pool with pool house, and a tennis court. It seems that both Indiana and Illinois have mega-mansions being constructed left and right. If anyone knows any more info on this home please leave a comment below or email me. 

3 Responses to “Massive Indiana mansion being Built”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This home is owned by Gary & Carol Edwards.

  2. alexanderSIMPLE Says:

    Alright I’ll help you out…

    Gary Edwards is the owner of DEEM, or “Don Edwards Electrical Mechanical”, a mechanical and electrical company in Indianapolis. They do primarily installations (heating/cooling stuff, etc, more on Last summer, the company was announced to be a “Final Founding Partner” of the Indianapolis Colts. I believe the house has been under reconstruction since 2007, and to my knowledge it is either 95% or completely finished. Last time I was out there, they still needed an enormous front door but the marble-flanked planters were already in place.


  3. B.Kulkarni Says:

    I don’t know anything about it, except I pass by it at least twice a week. I was going to say that it has been under construction for a couple of years, so I would agree with the above comment. From the road, this thing is just staggeringly huge!

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