Laptop Issue

Sorry about the laptop issue. I just took it today and had it fixed. I thought that my laptop may have been messed up pretty bad, but I found out that it was fixable. Luckily, my mom was nice enough to foot the bill. The screen to my laptop has this weird line going through it now and the keyboard is stiff from the soda and the mouse doesn’t work (i have to get a wireless mouse), but other than that it is fine.

And for people saying “I think this is bs, because how could you have been on yor mom’s boss’ laptop at 2 in the morning”, you need to not jump to conclusions. you have know idea of my situation. My mom, sister, and I are watching my mom’s boss’ dog, becuase he is on vacation. We are at his house and he has a laptop that he always lets us use.

Thanks, Kenny


5 Responses to “Laptop Issue”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Kenny I’ve been a huge fan of your site and have a lot of respect for you and the great job you do on here, especially at such a young age. Do not pay attention to those people. Instead of harassing you they should have just been glad you were able to get back online and work on this website so many of us enjoy. There will always be people like that around. Stay positive and keep working hard at what you love to do and you will get far in life.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Thanks so much! I am just glad that I can get back online now and work on the website.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Stay true to yourself Kenny. You do a great job. Everyone has been in situations that sound made up. I believed you.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What laptop situation? lol

  5. Kenny Says:

    If you read, I fixed it.

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