A look at Atlanta Mansions 3 !

This mansion was featured in the second episode of MTV’s Teen Cribs. 17 year old John Michael showed Americans around his palatial Georgia mansion. The home is located at 811 Hawks Nest Ct in Ball Ground, GA. The 26,312 square foot mansion has 6 bedrooms, a home theater, a billiards room, a music studio, a putting green, a swimming pool with large pool house, and a large attached garage. The home is valued at $3,844,500.
CLICK HERE to watch the video

This massive mansion was brought to my attention by a reader of mine. Construction started on the home in 2004 and was done by May 2008. The land was bought in 2004 for $1,100,000. The 30,000 square foot mega-mansion features an 8-car garage. It is located on Northside Drive in Atlanta.

This Neo-Classical style mansion is located on W Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta. It contains a swimming pool, pool house, a formal garden, a fountain in the front, and a 3+ car garage.

This gated mansion is located on W Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta, GA. It contains a water feature in the front yard, a 6-car garage, a swimming pool, a large pool house and a childrens playground. The home was purchased for $8.9 million and has since been remodeled.

This colonial mansion is under construction on Randall Mill Road NW in Atlanta, GA. The 20,000 (plus or minus) square foot mansion contains a swimming pool, formal garden, and a 6-car garage. 

7 Responses to “A look at Atlanta Mansions 3 !”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is cool but the best house ever on Cribs, ever, was the one that was on Teen Cribs Saturday that was owned by the guy named Lee in Atlanta.
    You have got to get that one on here.
    I think he is Big Poppa that was dating Kim from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

  2. Kenny Says:

    I forget to watch those episodes that aired on Saturday! I am so pissed.lol. Do you know the address of Lee’s house?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I will try to find out.
    I think he is from Duluth Georgia.
    It was absolutely amazing.
    The detail work was some of the best I have ever seen.
    After seeing his house, if I had a Cribs episode about to air, I would ask MTV to pull it from the air.

  4. Kenny Says:

    Okay, thanks. lol. It must have been a really nice house then. I can’t wait to see it.

  5. aria Says:

    We had to build a custom home on Lake Lanier a while back, actually I only covered for my dad when he was on an overseas family emergency leave, but I used to drive all the way from Atlanta to this area (1 1/2 hr drive). Although the Lake is situated 15 miles to the East of the vicinity of this home, I am pretty sure the area is extremely Redneck infested punched with lush over-grassed southern theme — a pleasant distinct contrast to what one’s perception of Georgian rural back roads.

    The second house is located at 5108 Northside Dr NW, Atlanta, GA and I have passed by it many times. It’s a gaudy monstrosity and clearly visible from the street when you drive up and down the Northside Drive — you can view the Google Street view. The home’s roof is in the same latitude as the main road so you usually see it from a higher vantage point. The Fulton county should not allow large houses like this one to be built right next to the major road.

  6. David Says:

    Lees house is on the backside of Hawks Ridge Country club in Ball Ground, GA. His Dad Mike Nixon owns the entire Country Club community including Golf Course and everything. He is a relative of mine. Tiger Woods played on that course last year and many celebs like John Smoltz are building 30,000 sq ft mansions in there.

  7. David Says:

    The 8.9 Million dollar mansion is owned by the Sultan of Brunei’s brother. The Sultan of Brunei’s house is next door. Sometimes if you drive by you can see his silver plated Mercedes s 600 and his gold Audi S8 sitting out on the driveway. Friends of mine that works at Lenox says that when he goes to Lenox to shop they will shut down any store he wants to so he can shop in privacy. I guess when your worth Billions like him you can do that?

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