Two Beverly Hills Mega Mansions under Construction

These two mega-mansions are being constructed on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. The home on the left is being built for C. Frederick Wehba Sr. Frederick is the founder of Bentley Forbes, a national real estate investment firm. The home measures in at 32,000 square feet. It is being built by Finton Construction. The Beaux-Arts style mansion is being designed by Biglin Architectural Group. The home will have stone floors, 24k gold door and window hardware, an elevator, a home gym with spa, two full kitchens, five coffee bars, seven fireplaces, a huge music room, subterranean parking, a tennis court, and a swimming pool with pool house. 
The second mega mansion is also close to 30,000 square feet. I have no other information on this home, so if anyone has any please feel free to email me. Speaking about mega-mansions, businessman Eri Kroh wants to build a 30,000+ square foot mega-mansion in Bel Air. I can’t wait to see the desings for that home!
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2 Responses to “Two Beverly Hills Mega Mansions under Construction”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I would love to see the inside of both of these homes. Maybe the other home is a spec home and will be put on the market. Then, we could see pictures of it.

  2. Kieran Says:

    Beverly Hills needs these houses right now, Good job. I hope they dont look all middle eastern inside.

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