Goldenhill – A premier England Mega-Estate

Goldenhill is a 20,000 square foot mega-mansion located in Hampshire, England. The home is being built by A&B Homes. The magnificent property will span 11 acres and contain an 11 bedroom main house, a summer house with aquarium, a lake, a canal, and 3-car garage with a 2-bedroom flat above. There will be a staggering 7 kitchens in total. The home will have a reading room, an office, a large dining room, a family room, an impressive 2-story ballroom, a master bedroom that has his and her baths and closets, a glass enclosed 50 foot indoor swimming pool complete with spa and changing rooms, a steam room, a biliards room, a bar, a massive 34-seat home theater, and a vault/panic room.

CLICK HERE for more pictures

CLICK HERE to view a video on the home. (absolutely awesome video!)


5 Responses to “Goldenhill – A premier England Mega-Estate”

  1. nc Says:

    The front looks ok. The back looks amazing though!

  2. Kieran Says:

    I love the floor plan atleast!

  3. MrJohnWatkins Says:

    Kenny, good work on researcing more pictures for Updown Courts and Fairfield. I’ve always run into a bit of trouble when it comes to finding extra information on Updown Courts. On another note…while I appreciate the post on the mega-mansion in England, am I the only one that is usually a little let down by the architectural distinctiveness in UK homes? I’m always left thinking that something is missing…or that it lacks any details that are lavishly executed. This particular home reminds me of “The Gamble House” designed and built by Arts and Crafts powerhouse firm Gamble and Gamble. However, it’s lacking something…finishing details? Environmental personality? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Thoughts anyone?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cool house.
    Very unique.

  5. Kieran Says:

    The thing is with the uk, with majority of the population living in terrace houses, lower class to the rich, anything detached is a luxury. It not uncommon for an english house to have one bathroom -they dont even see that as weird. But good for them i guess.

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