My Ultimate Dream Home

Hi everyone. I have always tried to envision what my dream home would like. Today, I am go specify exactly what my home would look like and contain. Please feel free to leave a comment telling us what your dream home would be like.

Kenny’s Ultimate Dream Home

Locations: Alpine NJ , Saddle River NJ , Mendham NJ , Beverly Hills CA , or Greenwich CT

Square Feet: 45,000 -50,000

Beds/Baths: 12 bedrooms / 20 bathrooms

Estimated Cost: $60 million

My dream home, or should I say mega-mansion, would be an exquisite estate featuring the most luxurious amenities. I would have Beer & Coleman design it. Here is what I would have inside:

First Floor

  • A foyer with double bridal staircase with 30ft. ceilings and a Baccarat Chandelier
  • A grand ballroom that can hold up to 300 guests
  • A formal living room with marble fireplace
  • marble floors throughout
  • 2 elevators
  • A formal dining room that can seat 30 guests and has gold leaf trim
  • A cherry wood paneled 2-story library
  • A gourmet kitchen with 2 islands, a breakfast room, 4 ovens, 3 refrigerators, and 2 walk-in pantries
  • A Great room with a double barreled ceiling and balconies
  • 2 curved staircases on either end of the home
  • A mud room
  • A home office with separate conference room
  • A family room with fireplace and plasma tv
  • 2 maids bedrooms each with their own bathroom
  • 3 powder rooms scattered about for guests
  • A 10-car garage

Second Floor

  • A master retreat featuring two 2-story walk in closets, his and her bathrooms, a sitting room, and a kitchenette with bar
  • 7 additional large bedrooms each with their own baths
  • upper library with secret bookcase that leads to a kid’s playroom
  • 2 powder rooms scattered about for guests
  • laundry room
  • conservatory

Lower Level

  • 3 bathrooms scattered about for guests
  • full-sized Indoor basketball court with spectator seating
  • 50-seat home theater complete with 2-tiers, numerous balconies, ticket booth and concession stand
  • 3-lane bowling alley dubbed “Forder Lanes”
  • Indoor pool complex with 4 waterslides , a sauna, and rock waterfalls
  • a massage room and steam room
  • a billiards room complete with 4 pool tables
  • a massive recreational space compete with seating, a custom bar, and a plasma tvs
  • a game room with air hockey, fools ball, arcade games, and motion simulators
  • 2 guest bedrooms each with own bath


  • lighted tennis court
  • basketball court
  • olympic sized swimming pool with grotto
  • pool house
  • formal gardens
  • a motor court
  • parking for 50 cars
  • a children’s playground

8 Responses to “My Ultimate Dream Home”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My dream home would basically be like this:

    Main House:
    7 bedrooms, about 13 bathrooms (each bedroom would come equipt with it’s own, plus 2 “public” bathrooms per floor). It would have a large family room stocked with a bar and large chimney. Nice large kitchen with 2 refrigerators. The kitchen would also have a large island to cook on. The kitchen area would also have a room temp pantry and a refrigerated pantry. Think of the pantry in the movie “The Shining.” There would be a nice large dining room that could fit about 20 people. Downstairs would be a really nice large living room with another bar, lots of places to sit, a mega-sized plasma screen tv to watch movies on. Also downstairs would have a big gameroom including pocker tables, black jack tables, pool tables, darts, and of course arcade machines. There would also be a 4-lane bowling alley. The bedrooms would be mostly upstairs on the 3rd floor. Plus upstairs is where I would have the laundry room. I figure why bring the clothes up and down the stairs, that’s just stupid. In the backyard would be a really nice swimming pool with a large brick patio area including the most expensive mega-grill on the market. This is the kind of grill where you could cook like 40 steaks at once. Those grills cost around $10,000 or so. I saw it on this show called “billionaire’s toys.” Next to the pool area would also be a really nice refrigerator that is fully stocked with all kinds of soft drinks and beers. Then there would be a 20 car garage with space for a lift to do oil changes and such.

    Guest House:
    The normal rooms: Kitchen, dining room, living room, and 5 or so bedrooms with bathrooms. There would also be a entire recording studio on it’s own floor.

    Other Building (attached by underground hallways to the main house): Fully sized fitness center including running circular track. Indoor pool, indoor basketball court, and even a spa for the ladies.

    Main house: anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 square feet. (Not including the 20 car garage)
    Guest house: around 10,000 square feet.
    Other building: 20,000 square feet? It depends on size of b-ball court and pool.

    Then the really cool part… I would also have around the corner, a house that’s design just for parties. This place has a few bedrooms for people who want to sleep. It would come with a really large living room, and another game room. This place would also include a 50 x 50 foot dance floor.

    The grounds just include open parking lots incase the garage fills up.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    you can dream, can’t you!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Cost of Land: $10,000,000
    Cost to build dream estate:

    Cost do dream: Priceless!

    Imagine 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    My dream home would have 20,000 square feet. I don’t know how much it would cost. It would be 3 stories high. There would be a fancy gate, then you pass a fountain and garden area on the way to the home. The entrance would have a huge 2 story foyer with a chandelier hanging down that you can see through the windows from the outside. The chandelier would be hanging from a glass dome that lets the natural light in. There would be 2 doors to either side and in front would be the grand staircase. It would be a double staircase going to the upper story. Under the staircase is a entrance to the family room which is behind the staircase. The family room’s back wall would be made with huge windows that allow you to see the backyard. These windows are visible when you first enter the foyer from both above and below the stairs before you.The stairs not only take you to the upper floor but lead you to the floor below as the stairs in front of the home take you up to the main entrance which is located on the second floor. In the foyer the door to the left leads to the main dining room, tea parlor, and 2-story library. The tea parlor is furnished with antiques and a fireplace. Beyond the door on the right is the swimming pool with retractable roof and the grand ballroom. It has window doors on both sides of it’s length and on the far end it has huge arched windows like in the Beauty and The Beast cartoon from Disney. The ballroom is 2 stories and on the second story there is a balcony that goes 3/4 of the way around with a bar and pool table and sitting areas people can go to for quiet chats and to watch those below dancing. Back to the grand staircase, if you go up to the top floor you will see the bedrooms and private areas for the family as well as guest rooms. All of the bedrooms are large with their own bath and shower areas, large walk in closets, and fireplace and sitting areas and balcony. The master bedroom has a 2 story closet and dressing area. Back at the main staircase if you go down to the bottom floor you arrive at a main area with a bar and pool table and arcade area. To the left is the entrance to a movie theatre with box office and inside a concession stand with nachos, hotdog cart, popcorn machine, icee machine, soda fountain, Corona fridge stocked with Coronas, ice cream parlor, and all the candy and other treats usually served at a movie theatre. The seats would all be leather recliners and the screen would be made so that it can be hooked up to video games so you can play on the big screen. My husband would love that! Back to the main area on the lower floor if you go to the opposite side there would be a disco area where people can party all night long.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dream home = A home that isn’t so large that a staff needs to be around most of the time.

    It sucks going out to the pool and some gardener is working with his butt in the air, someone sweeping, etc.

    2,500 square feet, 100 acres, his and her master baths.

    And a private gun range in the basement.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    My dream home is already built!

    1415 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach FL

    -3.73 Acres Direct Oceanfront
    -10 Bedrooms, 19 bathrooms (14 full, 5 half)
    -84,000+ total sq ft
    -11,000 sq ft garage
    -tennis court
    -Designed by Jeffrey W Smith, interior design by Peter Marino
    -Largest Home in Palm Beach County

    I would personally buy the intracoastal lot across the street, and perhaps built a car museum, as 11000 sq ft is inadequate for the collection of cars I would have 🙂

  7. nc Says:

    Loft. Manhattan, NY. 30 ft ceilings. Exposed brick and the like. Loft area large enough for a California King size bed. Modern stainless steel kitchen. Viking and Sub-Zero appliances. Average-larger bathroom with large glass enclosed walk-in shower with very large rain showerhead. Treated concrete/cement floors throughout. The one wall in main space completely made of windows.

    I would never own or live in one of those huge houses like you’ve “put together”, but nicely done, lol.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t want to go into to much detail but I want a 40,000 sq ft home on 10 acres built by either Narendra Patel or Guy Dreier. I like the houses they design because they aren’t cookie cutter mega-mansions and they have nice earthy features.

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