A look at Homes of the Rich readers’ favorite homes

A Reader’s Top 10

  1. Pasadena Mega-Mansion – 35,000 sq.ft
  2. Iris Cantor’s House “La Belle Vie” – 35,000 sq.ft
  3. Mohammed Hadid’s house – 48,000 sq.ft
  4. Fleur de Lys
  5. Champ d’or
  6. William J. Chadwick’s Malibu mansion – listed at $64 million
  7. Pacific Palisades mansion – 17948 Porto Marina Way
  8. Shrubland Park – $40 million estate in East Anglia , England
  9. Lakshmi Mattal’s Kensington Palace Gardens mansion
  10. San Francisco mansion – 2901 Broadway Street – listed at $48 million

Loyal Reader John Watkin’s Top 10

  1. La Jolla Farms Road mansion – 11,600 sq.ft – currently listed at $32 million
  2. Portabello Estate – 30,000 sq.ft – listed at $75 million
  3. Italian renaissance mansion in San Juan Capistrano – 18,000 sq.ft – listed at $15 million
  4. Carolands Chateau – 68,000 sq.ft
  5. Felur de Lys
  6. Champ d’or
  7. La Reve
  8. Ira Rennert’s “Fairfield”
  9. Leona Helmsley’s house – 22,000 sq.ft – listed at $75 million
  10. Chiltern Estate – 39,000 sq.ft

Reader, Montecore1, sent me his Top 10

  1. Sydell Miller’s La Reverie -84,626 sq.ft
  2. Alvin Malnik’s Beaux Arts – 61,949 sq.ft
  3. Jim Clark’s Il Palmetto – 68,381 sq.ft
  4. John Thorton’s house – 32,316 sq.ft
  5. Terry Allen Kramer’s La Follia – 37,098 sq.ft
  6. Rosecliff Estate (now a museum)
  7. Ira Rennert’s “Fairfield” estate
  8. Lakshmi Mattal’s Kensington Palace Gardens mansion
  9. Katz Residence – Casa de las Palmas – 17,838 sq.ft
  10. Playboy Mansion

Russell Zuccone, one of my loyal readers, made a list of her Top 5

  1. Aaron Spelling’s “The Manor”
  2. Russell Simmons’ House
  3. Ira Rennert’s “Fairfield”
  4. David Siegel’s “Versailles”
  5. Champ d’or

Thanks to all of the readers who sent in their lists. I think that its pretty obvious which homes are favorited more. (Ira Rennert’s house, Champ d’or, Fleur de Lys)


5 Responses to “A look at Homes of the Rich readers’ favorite homes”

  1. Kieran Says:

    I was a little late to post my list. This is my top Five;

    1)Ira’s Compound,
    3)Flur De Lys,
    4)Mohammed Hadids Mans,
    5)Champ D’or

    …Champ D’or would be higher if it didnt have those tacky red marlble polls in the dinning room, and else where. Mohammeds is my fav interior job thanks to the amazing Morrocan rooms it has 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My number 1 mansion is now Duane Hagadons mansion in Palm Desert. Robb Report just named in the Ultimate Home for 2009 and it looks amazing!

  3. Kieran Says:

    When does 2009 Ultimate homes come out???

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It's already out, I got it yesterday at B&N.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I just found vidéos about Hadid house.
    (Carolwood French Chateau).

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