A look at Season 8 of American Idol’s Mega Mansion

The 34,458 square foot mega-mansion is home to the 11 remaining Idol contestants. Let me tell you this, it is one sweet pad! I did a post on this home a long time ago. It sold for $24 million a while back. The 9 bedroom, 20 bathroom mansion is located on St. Pierre Road in Bel Air, California and was built in 2002. The massive home was built for entertaining and contains an indoor pool with spa, a 20 seat home theater, a 2-lane bowling alley, a gym, indoor basketball/racquetball court, and an outdoor swimming pool.

CLICK HERE for over 150 pictures of the home


2 Responses to “A look at Season 8 of American Idol’s Mega Mansion”

  1. Kenny Says:

    This home is massive. I love all the staircase with the intricate wrought iron handrails. Also, that home would be the perfect place to entertain. Can you imagine how many amazing parties you could throw there. If you look at the home via bird’s eye view, you could see that the basement goes all the way underneath the outdoor swimming pool and is hidden underneath the grass.

  2. M.Cal Says:

    This house looks amazing, there's not a thing I don't like!

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