A look at Utah Mega-Mansions

This impressive and palace sized mega-mansion is located at 11177 Eagle View Drive in Sandy, UT. This has to be one of my favorite homes posted on my website. The mansion, dubbed Villa Bellissima, is owned by James Jensen who owns St. James Energy. The home was designed by Beech Walker Architects and consists of 32,000 square feet of pure luxury. The home has is surrounded by a beautiful wrought iron gate and has amazing views of the mountains. It is located on 4.5 acres of land and cost a reported $6,750,000 to build. I would love to see interior photos of this home. If anyone knows where I could get some, please email me.

You can see this house using google street view

This gorgeous colonial mega-mansion was designed by Beecher Walker Architects. It is located on Hidden Ridge Circle in Bountiful, UT. The home measures in at 28,000 square feet and is situated on 6 acres of land. The home cost a reported $5,750,000 to build.

This mega-mansion is located on Oakhill Drive in Holladay, UT. The home has been cited to have between 28,000 and 35,000 square feet. It is owned by insurance magnate Ronald Gunnell. He put the house on the market for $29 million back in 2005 and later lowered it to a still wallet crunching $19 million. His family and him found the house to be too big and wanted to downsize to a more “modest” 10,000 square feet. The mansion is situated on an expansive 22 acres and includes 5 bedrooms, a two-story library, a game room, a home theater, a pond, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.

4 Responses to “A look at Utah Mega-Mansions”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    These estates are incredible!!! where do theses polygamist families get all of this money??

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Gore Blimey.

  3. Kieran Says:

    Thats a beautiful house, with a nice simple floor plan.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, hate to be contrary, but these houses seem vulgar and of no achitectural merit. I just discovered this site and am impressed with it’s scope. I would, however, appreciate seeing real mansions by true artists shown rather than these monstrosities. Believe me these piles will never stand the test of time and just be nostalgic reminders that we lived in a time where money ‘Trumped’ taste.

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