Westlake, Ohio Mega-Mansion

This 28,000 square foot mega-mansion is located on Hilliard Blvd in Westlake, OH. The mansion was built by Valore Builders, the same builders who built Lebron James’ new 35,000 square foot home in Bath, OH. This amazing home contains a grand 2-story foyer with double bridal staircase. The home has amazing crown detail throughout as well as intricate hand carved moldings. The home contains an indoor pool and a 6-car garage. The estimated construction price is $9.5 million. When I get more pictures of the home I will post them.

3 Responses to “Westlake, Ohio Mega-Mansion”

  1. nc Says:

    This may be one of my favourite houses featured on your blog.

  2. Dlesjak Says:

    Dude this house right through the woods in my back yard. I used to sneak it in all the time during construction and smoke blunts from the roof.. great view.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Who owns this house?

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