List of the largest single family residences in the United States

Someone made a Wikipedia page that includes a list of the largest single family residences in the United States. All the listed homes are 20,000 square feet and up. The list includes 150 homes across the country. There are plenty of more 20,000 square foot homes out there, so I guarantee you that there will be updates to the list.

CLICK HERE to see the list

6 Responses to “List of the largest single family residences in the United States”

  1. Jdubble07 Says:

    They’ve left out David Siegel’s new Windermere estate (85,000 to100,000 sqft depending on the source). Info isn’t yet available on zillow, but it should absolutely qualify.

  2. Jdubble07 Says:

    Also entrepreneur H. Wayne Huizenga’s 21,057 sqft Ft. Lauderdale home located at 1575 Ponce de Leon Dr.

  3. Kenny Says:

    yeah, his house is about 91,000 square feet. I wonder if the person who wrote the wikipedia page will update it soon.

  4. Jdubble07 Says:

    …and Sylvester Stallone’s old Miami estate at 100 SE 32nd Road which is either 28,535 sqft(county records) or 29,542(zillow). The estate was heavily featured in Bad Boys II.

  5. Jdubble07 Says:

    Also Elaine Arsht’s home at 3031Biscayne Blvd at 21,185 sqft. The Wikipedia list is certainly not complete by any means — theres 4 alone in the Central and South Florida area.

  6. Kieran Says:

    Thats a really good photo of the Champ d’or, Love that house!!

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