South Jersey Mega-Mansion

This mega-mansion, located on New Freedom Road in Berlin, NJ, was shown to me by one of my readers. It has to be one of the largest homes that I have seen in south Jersey. It is situated on a extremley large parcel of land and is very secluded. It has a massive man-made lake with a gazebo that is located in the middle of it. The French inspired mansion contains two turrets, a lovely porte cochere, a 3-car garge, a large terrace, an indoor pool, lush landscaping, and a tennis court. If anyone has any information on this house, please let me know.

3 Responses to “South Jersey Mega-Mansion”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, i can´t find the home with your adress?

  2. Kieran Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    If you're still looking for it, the cross streets to search is:
    Eayrestown Rd & New Freedom Rd, NJ.

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