Custom Built New Jersey McMansions

A new home built at Castle Ridge at Warren

There are a couple of new home developments around the Warren and Watchung area in New Jersey that are putting up new custom McMansion homes on every street. There are more than two dozen new homes being built or that have been built in this area and most are in excess of 5,000 square feet.

Click Here and then click on “custom homes” in the left sidebar. This website gives you a glimpse at some of the more recently completed homes.

Here is a list of the streets that are lined with McMansions:

1. Glenview Drive, Warren
2. Summerhill Drive, Warren
3. Geiger Lane, Warren (Castle Ridge Estates)
4. Whispering Way, Warren
5. Tiffany Way, Warren
6. Tall Oaks Drive, Warren
7. Willow Woods Trail, Warren
8. Stratford Court, Warren
9. Kensington Court, Warren
10. Conifer Drive, Warren
11. Acorn Drive, Watchung
12. Watchung Crest Drive, Watchung
13. Kapplemann Drive, Watchung

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