22,000 Square Foot Mansion to be built in Chandler, Arizona

Location: Oakwood Hills Drive, Chandler, AZ
Square Feet: 22,000

This home will be built in one of Chandler’s most expensive and exclusive gated communities, Oakwood Hills. Oakwood Hills is home to Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and the former home of country singer Waylon Jennings. The home is located in South Chanlder in a suburb called Ocotillo. The builder of this home is Ocotillo Construction. The home is being built for James, a 38-year old man from California who wants to remain unknown. The home will consist of 22,000 square feet in which 10,000 of that is strictly entertainment space. The home will have an indoor basketball court, a bowling alley, billiards room, bar and lounge room, showroom garages, an elevator, and 1.5 acres of pool space with a 500 square foot grotto and 80 ft. water slide.


One Response to “22,000 Square Foot Mansion to be built in Chandler, Arizona”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wanted to clarify for your post that the pool space is one-half acre, not one and a half acres. (0.5 not 1.5)

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