Cherry Hills Village Mega-Mansions

This is a birds eye view of one of Englewood, Colorado’s most prestigious streets. Cherry Hills Park Drive is located in the exclusive Cherry Hills Village. This street is filled with a dozen or so mega-mansions.

This is the mega-mansion of Mike Shanahan. Mike Shanahan is the Broncos’ head coach. I did a post on this home a while back. Mike’s former mansion is down the street and sold for $16 million. This 35,000 square foot monstrosity is currently under construction and will feature amenities such as a bowling alley and indoor racquetball court.

This is a view of 4 of the homes on the street. As you can see, a mega-mansion is currently under construction.

3 Responses to “Cherry Hills Village Mega-Mansions”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The gem of the neighborhood is the house that has all that nice green grass. My parents live in the same hood, that house is owned by Tom Marsico. Google around and you’ll see who that is.

    He purchased the lot next to it just to cut down on neighbors. He has a brother at the entrance of the neighborhood, Chris; a billionaire as well. He “doubled up” on land next to him too–nice place for parties and a place for guests to park. The rest of the hood is pretty much trust fund babies and the largest auto dealer in the state.

    Fun blog.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Thanks for the great info! Do your parents own a house like these ones? Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m the outcast of the family but yes, my parents do.

    Colorado money is a small world, so I’ll be a tipster for you if you have posts about denver area mansions. I was considering building a blog like this until I found yours, was even putting together an article on “the broncos”–it’s more fun to just lurk here so I’ll let you do the hard work.

    Pat (anonymous)

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