John Breyo’s Mega-Mansion is now visible with Bird’s Eye View!!

I did a post about John Breyo and his extremely large mega-mansion a while back. John was the president and CEO of the Ayco Company. This monstrosity measures in at a mind blowing 61,000 square feet. The fact that it is all under one roof is amazing. The first floor of the residence has 21,000 square feet, the second has 12,715 square feet, and the basement boasts 8,301 square feet not including storage space and mechanical rooms. The rest of the square footage is in the gargare space. This home made quite a stir in the small town of Saratoga Springs. I’ve been waiting for so long to see this home in Bird’s Eye View and now it finally is. The home is located at 51 Winding Brook Drive in Saratoga Springs, NY.

4 Responses to “John Breyo’s Mega-Mansion is now visible with Bird’s Eye View!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this house is ugly and dosent have a pool

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s weird how houses that are so huge don’t look very large, then you get a reference next to a 6,000 sq.ft house…..

  3. Kenny Says:

    that’s a great point. I agree with you. When I first looked at the house in bird’s eye view, the proportions did not look extreme. there aren’t much windows on the house, so you can’t get a feel of how big it is. Then you catch a glimpse of the McMansion next to it and that McMansion looks like a bungalow. I would love love to live in large home, but not 61,000 square feet.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    He’s a schmuck. He’s fighting his assessment claiming the house is only worth $4 million vs. the $19 million he was assessed. He’ll probably spend more on the lawyers trying to avoid paying his taxes than if he just anted up.

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