Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s Outrageous Palace

This is the home of Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe. This outrageous mansion was built by a Siberian construction company and they are said to have donated all the material and labor needed to build the house. The home has 50 guards watching 24 hours a day. The mansion cost a staggering $26 million to build and comes complete with 30 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. The homes ostentatious interior includes marble galore. The home is three times the size of Zimbabwe’s State House.


One Response to “Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s Outrageous Palace”

  1. iain russell Says:

    He is the worlds worst leader. He needs to be dethroned and hung by his testicles. He has never given my late father a dime of his pension for years. Now I see where all his money has been spent on.
    He is Satan. Let us hope he gets what he has coming to him before he dies.

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