Huge Pennsylvania Mansion with Amazing Asking Price!

Location: W Wyndemere Circle, Schnecksville, PA
Price: $1,790,000
Square Feet: 23,000

This massive home is located in an upscale community in eastern Pennsylvania. The newly built mansion is unfinished and features 23,000 square feet of living space which includes 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The amazing thing about this home, is the price. A home this large would cost you a staggering $19 million in Greenwich, Connecticut. The price per square feet is $77! Other features of this stately home include a marble and granite foyer with floating staircase, large great room, master suite with glass paneled floor and a private observatory, 2 kitchens, playroom, 2 massive bonus rooms, and a 5-car garage.

Click here for the listing


5 Responses to “Huge Pennsylvania Mansion with Amazing Asking Price!”

  1. nc Says:

    That is a nice price, but you have to remember that with a house of this size, to finish it is going to be many more millions.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Yes, it would probably take $1,000,000 to get finish it to one’s standards. I still think the price is extremely reasonable.

  3. nc Says:

    possibly, lol…if I were to finish it, I think it would be a lot more than $1 million

  4. Dave Says:

    What you cant see is the size of the yard it has, very small. I would bet anyone that see this house from pictures and what not that would be intested in this house would almost right away say no after seeing the tiny property. I bet that is the main reason its still on the market and with a low price.

  5. mike Says:

    no, it’s such a low price b/c its in PA, if it were in Saddle River/Alpine or even a town like North Caldwell/Livingston it would cost ALOT more. remember: location,location,location

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