Duane Hagadone’s Unique Mega Mansion

Location: Palm Desert, CA

Square Feet: 32,000
The owner of this mega mansion is publishing tycoon Duane Hagadone. He spent $30 million to build this mega mansion which overlooks the 18th hole of the Bighorn golf course. The home has 32,000 square feet of indoor living space. When you factor in the outdoor gardens, patios, sports courts, and pools, the homes total square footages comes to a staggering 64,000 square feet. The home has a total of 57 different angled roof segments. It also has 19 electronic, moveable glass walls that can be opened up to maximize the outdoor space. The pools are made up of an outstanding 4.5 million tiles. 

2 Responses to “Duane Hagadone’s Unique Mega Mansion”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I herd Cameron Hagadone spends alot of time down at this home in Palm springs? has anyone seen him down there?

  2. Scott Says:

    I actually had the opportunity to Meet Cameron Hagadone at the Canyons Steak House at the BigHorn golf club in Palm Desert, he was actually a very nice young man(he is only like 20?) unlike his known family. He offered me the chance to play a game of golf the next day, and damn i should have taken that offer.

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