Planned Greenwich Mega Mansion Update!

Valery Kogan, a russain airline tycoon who is chairman of the East Line Group, and his wife Olga Kogan proposed a 27,000 square foot, 26 toilet mega mansion. Their plan was to tear down the 19,520 square foot, $18.5 million mansion they bought a few years ago. The home would have been the largest in a town known for its grand estates. The home was also going to have a turkish bath, dog grooming room, among other things. The plans were denied by the zoning and commissions group of Greenwich. Now, the billionaire Russian and his wife have drawn up new plans in hope getting the approval of the town of Greenwich. They scaled down the size of their mansion to a still monstrous 21,127 square feet and with only 15 toilets!

One Response to “Planned Greenwich Mega Mansion Update!”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I would be perfectly happy with 21,000 square feet. I still think that 15 toilets is still to much. I think 10 would be the maximum for me.

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