Houston Mega Mansion

Location: 31 W Rivercrest, Houston, TX

Price: $3,900,000
Square Feet: 23,090
This newly built mega mansion was built for Texas state representative Hubert Vo. The house sits on over 2.5 acres of land and contains over 23,000 square feet of living space. It has 8 bedrooms and 9 full and 2 half baths. The mansion has 20 rooms that include 2 master bedrooms with their own studies, luxurious bathrooms, and fireplaces. Also there is a dining room with a fireplace, grand foyer with dual staircases, magnificent kitchen with two islands, 2 story mahogany library, numerous bars, an elevator, 5 stairwells, 3 bedrooms with lofts and verandas, and a huge home theater. The home has an 8 car attached garage. 
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6 Responses to “Houston Mega Mansion”

  1. nc Says:

    I’m not sure I particularly like this house. For the size of the house, I don’t think it was planned very well. The rooms are small (high ceilings, but small floor area), the kitchen “island” is just WAY too big to name a few.

    P.s.- Is the room with the built in “room divider” supposed to be a bedroom?

  2. Kenny Says:

    yes, that room with the divider is one of two master bedrooms.

  3. Andie Says:


  4. Andie Says:

    what made u wanna do this blog?

  5. Andie Says:


  6. Kenny Says:

    I really like big houses and anything to do with real estate. I love to go to open houses and my dream is to own a large house of my own. I wanted to share my love of real estate with everyone else.

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