A look at some Mega Mansions 2 !

This is the home of Brian and Kim Ross. Brian Ross owns his own development company. Their house is located on Niles Cortland Road NE, Cortland, OH and is 45,000 square feet.

This is the mega-mansion of the disgraced Conseco CEO, Stephen Hilbert. It is located at 1143 W 116th Street, Carmel, IN. It is on the market for $20,000,000 and is 24,786 square feet.

This is a mega-mansion that is located at W Hamilton Road S in Fort Wayne, IN.

This is the home of Sherwin Glass, the founder of Farmer’s Furniture Company. It is located in Norcross, GA. It has 30,000 square feet and includes 11 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, and a racquetball court

This is Russell Simmons’ 35,000 square foot mansion located at 101 Fox Hedge Road, Saddle River, NJ.

This is Ronald Burkle’s $30 million mansion in La Jolla, CA. It has 9 bedrooms, 13.5 bathrooms, and 26,674 square feet.

This is Mel Simon’s mansion in Indiana. Mel Simon is the co-founder of Simon Malls.

This is Robert Sussman’s $30 million mansion located in Paradise Valley, AZ.


7 Responses to “A look at some Mega Mansions 2 !”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s hard to relate to these homes. They are like hotels. But I do like the LaJolla one belonging to Ron Burkle. He also owns a famous home in BH: Greenacres.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh thank you sooo much. I had been looking for the house that the Ross’s live in for a long time. I saw it first in an issue of “Ultimate Dream Homes”. Wow! It is really nice. How did you find it?

  3. Kenny Says:

    Your welcome.lol.One of my readers brought this home to my attention and so I decided to do a post on it. How do you like my blog?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Oh thank you sooo much. I had been looking for the house that the Ross’s live in for a long time. I saw it first in an issue of “Ultimate Dream Homes”. Wow! It is really nice. How did you find it?

    Response: I like your blog very much. Sorry about not answering you right away. I didn’t even realize you commented back until very recently. Your blog is very professional, and I’m astonished to see how young you are. I am someone who is in their mid-20’s, and I’m going to school right now for Web Design, Graphic Design / Multimedia. Prior to this semester, I didn’t know anything really about building designs on a computer and that kind of stuff. When I’m all done, I’m hoping I will know a lot more, so I might create a website of my own. I think it’ll be a site for movies or sports or something like that. Did you go to school to learn all this, or are you just a wiz on the computer?

  5. Kenny Says:

    Thank you for the great compliments! That’s great. I’m going to go to school for web design too. No,I’m just a whiz on the computer. lol. I spend hours every week trying to teach myself everything such as html and also seo. Good luck in building your own website.

  6. savagejourney962 Says:

    Great page sir. I live not far from the Hilbert Mansion which is also just a few miles down 116th street from the two Simon Mansions. I didnt know if you knew that the Hilbert Mansion has been for sale for quite some time now. It didn’t sell at the Sheriffs auction(It was forclosed on when Consecos stock plummeted and Hilbert stepped down as CEO.) http://www2.indystar.com/library/factfiles/people/h/hilbert_stephen/hilbert.html There is a link to a story about what happened. It was been on the market for I would say at least 4 years with very few serious buyers. http://www2.indystar.com/articles/6/221407-1056-226.html This page has the story as well as a 7 picture slide show. Mostly pics of the inside. I thought you might find these facts interesting. Also there is a painting inside that has Hilberts face painted onto an angel or somekind of warrior or something. He was a very eccentric man hahaha

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i like these houses but rly wish mine was there. ours is 25,000 sq ft and has a lot of cool stuff

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