A look at some Celebrity Homes!

Cher’s $45 million Malibu Mansion

Calvin Klein’s $30 million Hampton’s Mansion

Britney Spears’ former $7 million mansion

Billy Joel’s $37.5 million mansion

Heath Ledger’s former home

Nicholas Cage’s castle

Nicholas Cage’s Beverly Hills mansion

Meg Ryan’s $7 million Chappaquiddick Island mansion

Julia Roberts’ and Danny Moder’s mansion

The Jonas Brothers’ Texas mansion

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Sussex, England Mansion

Tobey McGuire’s $11 million mansion

Paula Abdul’s $2 million Los Angeles Mansion

Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai, CA mansion

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Nashville Home

3 Responses to “A look at some Celebrity Homes!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I like Heath Ledger’s former house. It looks so Hollywood, 20’s Spanish, relaxed lifestyle.

    Nicholas Gages house in Bel Air looks too fussy and cold and certainly not cozy. Much like him.

    Dean Martin and Tom Jones were former owners I think.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Tobey Maguire’s home on here is incorrect, but I realize you pulled these photos from another site, and they are not your originals. The RealEstalker featured this as his new home at first and then retracted and said someone else actually purchased it. Just thought I would tell you.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    As far as the Nicole and Keith property goes, that must be the home that will be rehabbed or torn down on the property they purchased on Hillsboro Road in Franklin, TN. Their current Nashville digs are at 27 & 29 Northumberland (which is a pretty impressive property), which they are living in until the Hillsboro Road property is complete.

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