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  1. marlene Says:

    hey kenny- i love the new look of the site- great job-

  2. Anonymous Says:

    List of largest completed houses in Palm Beach County, FL by total square feet

    Palm Beach

    1. 1415 S Ocean Blvd, Sydell Miller, 84626
    Co-founder of hair color company Matrix Essentials

    2. 515 N County Rd, County Road Property LLC, 81738
    Formerly health-care real-estate magnate Abe Gosman’s, later flipped by Donald Trump

    3. 1500 S Ocean Blvd, James Clark, 68381
    Founder of Netscape and other internet companies

    4. 974 S Ocean Blvd, William Koch, 48197
    Son of the founder of Koch Industries, also founded Oxbow Group, a holding company focused on energy development

    5. 548 N County Rd, Nelson Peltz, 47292
    CEO of Triarc, parent company for Arby’s, Wendy’s and formerly Snapple

    6. 601 N County Rd, Martin Trust, 39094
    Owner and CEO of Samtex, a holding company that produces apparel and textiles, Director of Staples

    7. 691 N County Rd, Robert Cohen, 37265
    President of Hudson News Company, a magazine wholesaler

    8. 1295 S Ocean Blvd, Terry Allen Kramer, 37098
    Broadway producer, inherited a fortune from her investment banker father, Charles Allen

    9. 140 S Ocean Blvd, David Koch, 33717
    Co-owner and executive VP of Koch Industries, 1980 Libertarian VP nominee

    10. 1300 S Ocean Blvd, Dwight Schar, 32830
    Founder and Chairman of homebuilder NVR, part owner of the Washington Redskins, finance chairman for RNC, on the board of Six-Flags

    11. 1236 S Ocean Blvd, John Thornton, 32316
    Former partner at global bank holding company, Goldman Sachs

    12. 120 Casa Bendita, Howard Kessler, 32253
    CEO of Kessler Financial Services

    13. 1495 N Ocean Blvd, Rush Limbaugh, 31761
    Conservative radio host and political commentator

    14. 60 Blossom Way, White Sea Holdings, 30266
    Owned by Victor Vargas, Venezuelan banker president of Banco Occidental de Descuento. Formerly owned by George Lindemann, billionaire founder and executive of various communication and pipeline companies

    15. 334 N Woods Rd, Jerome Fisher, 30011
    Co-founder of fashion wholesaler and shoe retailer Nine West

    16. 702 N County Rd, 702 Associates LLC, 29114
    Owned by Stuart Subotnick, Partner and Executive VP of Metromedia, on the board of Carnival Cruises

    17. 1341 S Ocean Blvd, Edward Watkins, 28399
    Grandfather invented punch time clock, Watkins sold family company Simplex Time Recorder for $1.2 billion cash

    18. 780 S Ocean Blvd, Terry Taylor, 26805
    President of Automotive Management Services, a company that owns car dealerships throughout South Florida

    19. 1574 S Ocean Blvd, Martin Gruss, 26576
    Senior partner of Gruss & Co., a private investment firm in New York

    20. 1800 S Ocean Blvd, Robert M Montgomery, 26351
    Palm Beach trial lawyer

    21. 1600 S Ocean Blvd, Ninety 9798 Canada Inc, 26135

    22. 589 N County Rd, D L K K, 25041
    Developer Dan Swanson of Addison Development Company’s spec mansion

    23. 1290 S Ocean Blvd, Paul Saville, 23879
    President and CEO of homebuilder NVR

    24. 195 Via Del Mar, Gerald Vento, 23526
    CEO of Telecorp PCS

    25. 1491 N Ocean Blvd, Frank Wilkens, 23259

    26. 101 El Vedado Rd, Stephen Myers, 22474
    Co-founder and Chairman of US Cable Group

    27. 151 Via Bellaria, Robert Tomsich, 22404
    Founder of NESCO Resource, a leader in the staffing industry

    28. 300 N Lake Way, Kathleen Duross Ford, 22352
    Widow of Henry Ford II

    29. 920 S Ocean Blvd, Charles Becker, 22253

    30. 1485 S Ocean Blvd, Elizabeth Mezzacappa, 22164

    31. 1930 S Ocean Blvd, Condrad Black Capital Corp, 21672
    Conrad Black was a newspaper magnate while he controlled Hollinger International, which publishes the Chicago Sun Times, and the Daily Telegraph

    32. 89 Middle Rd, John Kluge, 21536
    Billionaire television mogul, richest man in America in the 80’s

    33. 710 S Ocean Blvd, Charles S Robert Fund Oar LLC, 21353

    34. 185 Woodbridge Rd, Nancy Demoss, 21286

    35. 1860 S Ocean Blvd, Willis Dupont, 20127
    Child of Lammot Dupont, former head of General Motors and the Dupont Company


    1. 2000 S Ocean Blvd, Ocean Boulevard Properties, 67033

    2. 1960 S Ocean Blvd, William T Gerrard, 42709

    3. 1100 S Ocean Blvd, Haney 2008 Residence Trust, 34086
    Franklin Haney controls billions of dollars worth of real estate in the southeast through his FLH Company

    4. 1720 S Ocean Blvd, RDV Properties, 32897
    Richard DeVos is the co-founder of network marketing company Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic

    5. 920 S Ocean Blvd, Don King, 32049
    Boxing promoter

    6. 1370 S Ocean Blvd, Peter S Lowe, 31021
    Creator of Get Motivated Seminars

    7. 1280 S Ocean Blvd, Frederike LLC, 30857

    8. 1200 S Ocean Blvd, Mary Peavey, 27017
    Hartley Peavey is the founder and CEO of Peavey Electronics, one of the largest independently owned supplier of medical instruments and professional sound equipment

    9. 960 S Ocean Blvd, Iris Behr Revocable Trust, 26209
    Hans Behr is the founder of Behr Paint and Deck Stain

    10. 1300 Lands End Rd, William E Benjamin II, 26177

    11. 1160 S Ocean Blvd, Edward A Cantor, 26075

    12. 1620 S Ocean Blvd, Donald P Brennan, 24116
    Vice Chairman and direct for ICT group, a supplier of customer relationship management, and has worked various top positions for Morgan Stanley

    13. 1450 Paslay Pl, Dennis J Ryan, 23100

    14. 820 S Ocean Blvd, Terry Taylor, 22543
    President of Automotive Management Services, a company that owns car dealerships throughout South Florida

    15. 1840 S Ocean Blvd, Thomas J Petters, 21298
    Chairman and CEO of Petters Group, who holds various diversified investments

    16. 1740 S Ocean Blvd, Cobalt Resources LLC, 21066

    Ocean Ridge

    1. 6301 N Ocean Blvd, Alvin Malnik, 61946
    Lawyer and investor, heir to mob fortune

    North Palm Beach

    1. 12510 Seminole Beach Rd, Christopher Cline, 33413
    Owner of Cline Resource and Development, a company involved in mining coal

    2. 209 Commodore Dr, Ronald Holden, 31369
    CEO of Wismer Martin, a healthcare software and information company

    3. 12246 Banyan Rd, Seminole Beach Land Trust, 24533

    4. 12525 Seminole Beach Rd, John Purcell, 23310
    Former Executive VP for CBS, director of Bausch and Lomb, Senior VP of finance for the Gannett Company.

    Gulf Stream

    1. 3145 N Ocean Blvd, Anthony Pugliese, 30655
    Commercial real estate developer

    2. 1601 N Ocean Blvd, Robert Julien, 20393
    President of Kolter Property Company


    1. 2855 Hurlingham Dr, John J Fleischhacker, 22642
    Chairman and CEO of Daig, a maker of specialty cardiovascular devices

    Delray Beach
    1. 1111 S Ocean Blvd, Eric Cherry, 21485
    Founded Cherry Holdings, Inc.

    2. 611 S Ocean Blvd, 611 S Ocean Blvd LLC, 21234

    3. 1107 S Ocean Blvd, Harold Pontius, 20637
    Chairman and CEO of Columbus Industries, a construction company

    4. 1103 S Ocean Blvd, Consistent Income LLC, 20511

    Highland Beach

    1. 2445 S Ocean Blvd, Marc Musa, 23095
    Owner of Berkeley Capital Corp

    Boca Raton

    1. 6011 Clint Moore Rd, John Henry, 39429
    Futures and foreign exchange trading advisor, principal owner of Boston Red Sox

    2. 21582 Cartagena Dr, Daniel Papa, 35809
    In computer software industry

    3. 21573 El Bosque Way, Thomas A Gruber, 28586
    Top marketing executive for McDonalds, AutoNation USA and Blockbuster

    4. 3682 NW 52nd St, 3678 Princeton Place LLC, 27254
    Owned by Marc Bell, managing director of Marc Bell Capital Partners, a Boca Raton private equity firm

    5. 6006 Le Lac Rd, Daniel J Katz, 26938
    Owner of Milwaukee development company, Katz Properties

    6. 750 Lake Dr, Interchange Four Properties, 23944

    7. 6021 Le Lac Rd, Daniel Goldberg, 23094
    Executive at IronStone Bank

    8. 200 W Coconut Palm Rd, Dru Schmitt, 23371
    Medical Data entrepreneur, sold his St. Louis company for $260 million

    9. 450 Coconut Palm Rd, Richard Rochon, 22908
    Chairman and CEO of Royal Palm Capital Partners

    10. 6005 Le Lac Rd, Robert Ade, 21851
    Former VP of Product Development for Qtera, a fiber technologies company

    11. 2579 Spanish River Rd, James La Vea, 21204

    12. 2050 Royal Palm Way, Russell B Wight, 20509
    Director of Vornado Operating, and has been involved with other real estate investment

    13. 6013 Le Lac Rd, Gary Peters, 20323
    Former Executive VP for LaSalle Bank, Monopoly champion

    14. 565 E Alexander Palm Rd, Christine Lynn, 20100
    President of Lynn Insurance Group

  3. Anonymous Says:

    “4. 3682 NW 52nd St, 3678 Princeton Place LLC, 27254
    Owned by Marc Bell, managing director of Marc Bell Capital Partners, a Boca Raton private equity firm”

    Private equity firm, sure, but Marc Bell and Daniel Staton are the owners of Penthouse Magazine. There’s porn money in that house.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    710 S. Ocean Blvd. in Palm Beach is owned by Charles S. Roberts who owns Roberts Properties,Inc. in Atlanta. He is the talk of the town – known as a sleeze and a slut. No business ethics or personal ethics. Would steal from his own mother to get what he wants. Despicable people always seem to survive.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I hear you can do a search on charlie Roberts at don’t date him girl web site and also google at roberts realty charity begins at home…WOW..he is the biggest LOSER…and has hurt a lot of people.. be warned and avoid him..he sure does get a lot of attention and should be a case study and a lesson for others who are like him.. KARMA

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I was just gonna tell you some homes you may want to post about: 50 Cents Connecticut Mansion, Evander Holyfields Georgia Mansion, if you do international homes, try a post on the houses in Kensington Palace Gardens.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Look at Bay Colony Drive in Naples FL, there are 9 or so homes, and one must be as big as any that have been on here.

  8. Adam Says:

    Hey bro,

    My name is Adam, I am 20, and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    First of all, I have to congratulate you on the site. It is incredible. Keep it up.

    Haven’t seen any homes from South Africa yet though. I suppose when most people, especially Americans oddly enough, hear the word “Africa” they automatically conjure images in their minds of: Jungles. The Lion King. Black people wearing loin cloths. And that sort of nonsense. In truth, many African countries are not that far off from those preconceived stereotypes, but not South Africa. South Africa is in fact home to some of the wealthiest people on earth, quite a few of the families are actually listed on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people. In recent years, a group of Black businessmen have also done rather well, all of whom are now US dollar multi-billoinaires (and in South Africa, we consider a billoin to be 1000 million, not just the measly 100 million which i believe is the classification in the USA). Consequently, as one would imagine, their homes are utterly ridiculous in the extreme.

    drop me an e-mail and i’ll send u some pics if you’d like.

    Keep well,

  9. Anonymous Says:

    You should do a blog about the big home on Graceview Drive in Butler, NJ. Whatever you could find out would be awesome.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    You should do a post on Scott Wolstein’s new 36,000 square foot mega-mansion at Ravencrest Drive, Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve gotta represent Minnesota for a second. Love the one’s you’ve already posted, especially Jimmy Jam’s. If your interested, a couple other interesting homes in Minneasota are:

    Gary Holmes
    450 Ferndale Road West, Wayzata, MN
    23,846 Square Feet.
    Profile of Gary:

    Kevin Garnett (former)
    450 Orono Orchards Road South, Wayzata, MN
    10,667 Square Feet. Built by Garnett in 1998.

    Kevin Garnett
    3400 Fox Street, Long Lake, MN
    16,010 Square Feet. Garnett purchased the home in February 2007 for $6,100,000.

    I call it the “Long Lake Mansion”
    550 Long Lake Road East, Wayzata, MN
    19,625 Square Feet. (page 1)


    1400 Bracketts Point Road, Wayzata, MN
    32,461 Square Feet (page 1)

    I would love if you blogged these as well. If you don’t get to them, no hard feelings. I just have the same way of thinking. I love big mansions. They’re just soo interesting.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I also forgot to mention the newly sold "Living Waters" Estate at 1535 Bohns Point Road, Wayzata, MN. It is 32,500 square feet.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You should check out and do a post for the huge mansion on Braymore Drive, Inverness, Illinois. I’m curious what you can find out.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Kenny, here are some Kansas City metro area homes you could do a post for:

    5955 Mission Dr., Mission Hills, KS
    7 Bedrooms
    8 Bathrooms
    16,012 square feet.

    5500 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO
    16 Bedrooms
    8 Bathrooms
    14,661 square feet

    5550 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO
    5 Bedrooms
    8 Bathrooms
    14,254 square feet

    5225 Renner Rd, Shawnee, KS
    6 Bedrooms
    8 Bathrooms
    13,944 square feet.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Some athlete’s mansions you could do:

    Frank Thomas’s former mega-mansion.
    Address: 3312 Midwest Rd, Oak Brook, IL
    11 Bedrooms
    14 Bathrooms
    30,000 square feet.

    LeBron James’s new Ohio mega-mansion
    Address = 4157 Idlebrook Drive, Akron, Ohio
    Square Feet = 35,440

    Mike Tyson’s (former) / Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (current) Connecticut Mega-Mansion
    Address = 50 Poplar Hill Dr, Farmington, CT
    Square Feet = 51,657
    Bedrooms = 19
    Bathrooms = 19 full / 16 half = 35 total
    $14,500,000 (on the market)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    How about the huge mega-mansion in Paradise Valley, AZ?
    Address: 6112 N. Paradise View Dr, Paradise Valley, Arizona
    Square Feet = 49,589

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Kenny, some Chattanooga, TN homes to look at to do postings for are:

    6500 Solitude Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee
    19,809 Square Feet
    (Nearest street to search is Howard Adair Road, Chattanooga, TN)

    3703 Fairmount Pike, Signal Mountain, Tennessee
    16,843 Square Feet

    2363 Heavenly View, Chattanooga, Tennessee
    13,830 square feet
    (Nearest street to search is Frost Ridge Drive, Ooltewah, TN)

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Here are some Rochester, Michigan mega-mansions you could do a post on:

    5365 Brewster Road, Rochester, Michigan
    23,511 square feet
    6 bedrooms 13 bathrooms

    2540 Silver Bell Road, Rochester, Michigan
    23,051 square feet
    7 bedrooms 14.5 bathrooms

    6100 Winkler Mill Road, Rochester, Michigan
    17,794 square feet
    5 bedrooms 13.5 bathrooms

    1558 Dutton Road, Rochester, Michigan
    15,676 square feet
    6 bedrooms 17 bathrooms

    Marshall “Eminem” Mathers
    5760 Winkler Mill Road, Rochester, Michigan
    14,959 square feet
    6 bedrooms 9.5 bathrooms
    (Eminem bought this house from K-Mart CEO Chuck Conway)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Kenny, if you’re doing Tennessee homes, then you’ve got to check out the large river side mansion at 5522 Lyons View Pike, Knoxville, TN.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kenny, great website! The pictures and information is amazing. I think you should check out 142 Justabout Road, Pennsylvania. The place is 13,073 square feet and it has 7 bedrooms / 7 bathrooms. Plus, check out the home near Springdale Rd & Farmview Place.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    There’s this private island estate you should check out:
    The Address is 1850 Northshore Road, Lake Oswego, Oregon.
    The home is 13,500 square feet. It’s on the market for $19.5 mil.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I don't know anything about these 3 places other than where they are

    1) New Freedom Road & Eayrestown Road, near Sandtown, NJ
    It is an estate with a long driveway, a small lake, and a tennis/basketball court.

    2) Bathroad Rd & Dan Rd, Medina, Ohio. It is a lot like the first one mentioned.

    3) Just north of Allard Rd & Bath Rd, Medina, Ohio. (It's just west of the 2nd home.)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kenny, love the site. I'm from the midwest, and some homes I've found are

    Sitka St, Green Bay, WI
    (Long Drive Way)

    Osage Ct, Green Bay, WI
    (Corner Home)

    Thayer Trail, Green Bay, WI
    (Especially the one at the end of Fonda Fields Ct)

    E Old Orchard Trail & S Jonathan Lane, Sioux Falls, SD

    2 Homes at South Bishop Jones Place, Sioux Falls, SD

    Mississippi River Home
    NE River Rd & Rawlings Ave, Rogers, MN

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, check these big homes out

    Stratford Green Ln, Austin, TX

    River Garden Trail & San Miguel Lane, Austin, TX

    & Portofino Ridge Drive, Austin, TX (plus the one at the end of Chalk Knoll Drive)

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Kenny, while I saw looking at some of those mansions in Saddle River, I noticed a very large home on Chestnut Ridge Road & Woodcliff Lake Road.

  26. Kenny Says:

    yeah, I think I have a picture of that home on my website

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, got some for ya

    Bob Tway (Professional Golfer)
    6300 Oak Heritage Trail, Edmond, Oklahoma
    6 Bedrooms 7.5 Bathrooms
    13,018 Square Feet

    Huge Red Roofed Mansion near Cross Timbers Rd & Red Rock Ln, Flower Mound, Texas
    (Sorry, no information)

    4824 Crestline Road, Fort Worth, Texas
    5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
    18,266 Square Feet

  28. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a huge mansion next to Sugar Ln, Prosper, TX
    You can’t see it on Google Earth, but you can see it on Virtual Globetrotting.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Here are some Granite Bay, CA homes

    1) 8914 Collina Ct, Granite Bay, CA
    8 Bedrooms 10.5 Bathrooms
    15,800 Square Feet

    2) 5862 Eureka Rd, Granite Bay, CA
    4 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms
    14,500 Square Feet

    3) Eddie Murphy’s former estate
    9125 Vista de Lago Ct, Granite Bay, CA (Main House)
    6 Bedrooms 9 Bathrooms
    11,158 Square Feet (Main house)

    9040 Vista de Lago Ct, Granite Bay, CA (Guest House)
    4 Bedrooms 5.5 Bathrooms
    5,224 Square Feet (Guest house)

    10 Bedrooms 14.5 Bathrooms
    16,382 Square Feet
    Details =

    4) 9030 Chelshire Estates Ct, Granite Bay, CA
    6 Bedrooms 8 Bathrooms
    13,196 Square Feet

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure if you’ve done these, but:

    81 Eagle Ridge Pl, Danville, CA
    7 Bedrooms 10.5 Bathrooms
    14,516 Square Feet (
    28,673 Square Feet (other sources)
    Kenneth Behring built this home. He was a former owner of the Seattle Seahawks.

    1288 S Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA
    15 Bedrooms 19 Bathrooms
    31,415 Square Feet

  31. Kenny Says:

    hey, to whoever the “anonymous” poster is who gives me great tips on homes, could you please send me these tips via email, because it would be much easier for me to read.

    thanks, kenny

  32. Anonymous Says:

    There is a HUGE house that keeps on going and going in Tarpon Springs, FL. It on on Buffalo Run so just type in “buffalo run tarpon springs” into google and go to the map to find it. It is the only house on the street and you can see on birds eye view how huge it is. definitely worth a post!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a big house at the end of a long driveway off of Fox Hunt Rd in Barrington Hills, IL. Also, a cool house across the stream to the west of it that has a a tower off of it. And in the area, there is a cool house on Otis rd by Orchid Lake that is worth a look too

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Hey man, love the site! You should do a post on the big house (15,000 to 20,000 sq ft) that is on a point at the end of Mantabay, or Manta Bay street in Merritt Island, FL.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Kenny, Florida’s west coast has some awesome mansions. Check them out.

    Dietmar Hopps’ house (on VGT) and neighborhood. Mashie Ct, Brassie Bend, especially.

    Celle Way and Treviso Way in the Club at Mediterra in Bonita Springs, FL.

    Parts of a stretch of Gordon Drive on the coast of Naples: A home on Bay Rd at the very south end. A huge house at the north end by 21st avenue s. And some homes, mainly on points in the bay to the east.

    Colony Drive (noy Bay Colony Drive) by North Naples and Vanderbilt Beach.

    A colonial house on a big pond on Ridge Drive near East Ave just to the east of the second tip.

    The end of Bellflower lane, and in the same neighborhood (Grey Oaks), Plumbago Lane, and Canna Way.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    do Shaqs house in windermere, orlando, and in the same neighborhood(Islesworth) Vardon Dr. and the monster on Champions Pt. There are some stunning mansions in there, look around.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    There are a couple homes worth looking at by SE Ranch Rd and SE Colony Way just north of Dye Preserve Golf Club and the Palm Beach County line in southern Martin County. the four biggest properties are within a mile of each other and all have lakes.
    Oh and close by in Jupiter, 2 homes together at River Pointe Way. Use that list of Palm Beach County Homes, there are endless amazing properties. in all parts of the county.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    There is an extremely unusual and large house on the shores of lake erie between beulah beach and heidelberg beach, ten or fifteen miles east of sandusky.

    Also, in Indian Hill, OH, east of Cincinnati: just southeast of the house you posted about that belongs to Stanley Chesley and Susan Dlott, the trial lawyer and federadl judgeis another home that is about the same size. It is not completed in the arial views, but is mostly donein the birds eye.

    Thanks for repping the Ohio mansions

  39. Anonymous Says:

    nevermind about the second house in Indian Hill, you already got that, my bad.

  40. Tim Says:

    Hey Kenny,

    Love the site, always a fun read.

    Found another Ohio mansion for you. Its off of Kitzmiller Road in New Albany, Ohio between Morse Road and Route 161, just west of the Golf Club. It belongs to Les Wexner, founder and CEO of the Limited Brands (Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, etc.). Great bird’s eye view of the property in Microsoft.

    Keep up the good work!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Fremont, CA.

    MC Hammer’s house. and nearby.
    From about a mile south to up to about 2 miles north.

    post all your houses that arent on already on VGT

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Check out Eddie Murphy’s 45,000sqft mansion.

    The Beverly Park neighborhood is home to perhaps the largest collection of mega-mansions in the world where homes regularly top the 30,000-40,000sqft mark and $20M-30M+

  43. Anonymous Says:

    there is a big estate on Crescent River Pass in The River Club Country Club in Suwanee, GA.

    A few miles southwest of that, there is a huge house on longvue ct

    Also, north of The River Club, there are three mansions on a lake near Kennedy Rd NW

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Post this earlier…here's Wexner's house in New Albany, Ohio,+-82.802606&jsv=142c&sll=40.066965,-82.802606&sspn=0.011856,0.019226&g=40.066965,-82.802606&ie=UTF8&geocode=FZVfYwIdUogQ-w&split=0

  45. Anonymous Says:

    In Heathrow, FL Seminole County just north of Orlando, 2 houses at the end of Alatka Ct, and another in the same neighborhood (Alaqua Country Club) on Alaqua Dr.

    just to the east, Sadleworth Drive has some big houses.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    710 South Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, Florida – Yes sir, it is one hell of a house, a big house for a little man. In fact, the current owner, Charles S. Robert, has expanded the house way beyond the original intent of its first owner, Elizabeth Kay, who designed it in 1924. She would be appalled by the ostentatiousness of the current renovations and additions to her house. It now overpowers its site and has that boring nouveau riche Jeff Smith look. What charm the house may have had before Roberts got his claws into it is gone along with Elizabeth’s spirit. It is a huge empty shell now, the perfect cave for an empty man.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Near Oakland, Goodison, Rochster area of Michigan, just north of Detroit:

    Pond Vallee Drive.

    The Area of Silver Bell and Brewster Rds.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Kenny,
    There is a three story red mega-mansion just north of Wernesville, PA near Heffner and Starr Rd. I hope you look for it and post it soon.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    1207 Aquila Loop in
    Celebration, FL is owned by Anthony and Robin Malatino, who appears to be an investor and developer from Saratoga, NY.

    That says that the house is 19527 sq ft. and was built in 2007. It appears to be the largest home in the Disney developed community, Celebration. The home looks even bigger than that and has a really cool pool area. I hope you feature it sometime soon.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    love the site kenny and i check it every day. Would love to be a follower but dont want a yahoo or google account. Ever think of posting some international homes?
    Also looking forward to the new site, i'm sure it will be great.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    at least one 20,000 ft and one or two 15,000 or so sq ft homes on River Garden Trail in Austin, TX. San Miguel Lane right next to it also has large beautiful homes

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Check out Cornwell Farm Rd in Mclean, Va

  53. Anonymous Says:

    also in Mclean, there is a huge compound at the end of Patowmach dr. If you bother to check it out, you I'm sure you will post on it!

    there is also a big home at the end of Akhtamar drive.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    check out these mansions in Potomac, MD. I don't think any are posted on your site yet, but they deserve to be.

    2 huge mansions at each end of Natelli Woods Ln (no kidding). The one on the south end looks like it could be up to 7 stories!

    Not incredibly big, but very cool looking, is a home at the south end of Brookstone C (2 roads to the west of Natelli Woods)

    A gigantic classical style mansion at the end of River View Dr.

    Also, how have you not posted Dan Snyder and his neighbors' insane houses? they are in Potomac on the river.

  55. Kenny Says:

    hey. i did a post on the large home on Natelli Woods and I also did a post on Dan Snyder's house. thanks for the info on the other homes!

  56. Anonymous Says:

    16 star lane in magnolia point is probably well over 30,000 sq ft. The house behind it for sale on blossom court is 18,000 sq feet and is half the size. I spoke to the Realtor about 10 star lane and he said is was over 30,000 sq feet on three levels.

    207 Woodhaven Lane Barrington Hills, is for sale and over 20,000 sq ft and on 22 acres.

    There are many houses in the barrington hills and south barrington area over 20,000. They are currently building a new one off of brinker road that has to easily be 30,000 plus.

  57. Kenny Says:

    do you live in barrington hills yourself?

  58. Anonymous Says:

    I live in the next town over. I love big houses and go browsing often.

    Barrington Hills is generally old money and South Barrington new money. It is hard to see many of the houses in Barrington Hills because they have large lots minimum of 5 (many have 20+) acres and are hidden by landscaping and forest generally. South Barrington is more neighborhood like and houses are on 1-3 acres generally and you can see them. Old money likes to be private and new money likes to show off what they have lol

    I went to check out the house you posted in Braymore, it is gated now and not viewable from the street, they build hills in the yard so it blocks the view.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    hey, sorry about the misinfo about Dan Snyder and a few others. I looked, but there are too many big and beautiful homes over there to remember

  60. Derek Littlefield/ Says:

    You are using my pictures of the House mansion (without my permission and they are copyrighted). I guess I should be flattered?

  61. Anonymous Says:

    These are the largest home I know of in my hometown of Salem, Oregon

    This home was just taken off the market after about 5 years and was listed at ~$5.5 million. Its 20,000+ sq/ft, has an indoor pool, bowling alley, 40+ acres, and enough garage space for about 40 cars.

    This home is owned by the family that owns Morrow equipment company. They have the largest fleet of construction cranes in North America. The home is 17,729 sq/ft, has 9beds/10baths.

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