Fleur De Lys Mega Mansion

Who: Suzanne Saperstein
Location: 350 North Carolwood, Holmby Hills, CA
Price: $125,000,000

Square Feet: 53,812
House Name: Fleur De Lys

Suzanne Saperstein is the ex-wife of billionaire David Saperstein. He made his fortune when he sold his American radio station, Westwood One, in 1999 for $1.25 billion in stock. This mega mansion consists of 15 bedrooms,16 bathrooms, and a 9-car garage on over 5 acres of land. The home also has a 650-person ballroom, 50-seat movie theater, 4,000 bottle wine cellar, music room, conference room, massage room, and beauty salon. The grounds include a 70 foot swimming pool, tennis court, and a pool house with an exercise room, dance floor, and a kitchen.

2 Responses to “Fleur De Lys Mega Mansion”

  1. Marie Says:

    Fleur de Lys, another nice house, beautiful 2-story library, the foyer, the movie theatre in an old glamorous Hollywood theme from the 40’s, as is the ballroom, very french (like the house… well, Fleur…), I would drop the ballroom, I think it’s beautiful, but messy, I wouldn;t want to have all this guests coming, but that is just me. Instead, would use the place as an indoor tennis, squase, bb court or a pool. Another beautiful mega mansion.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Obviously, it’s a beautiful home, albeit a stuffy one! I wish that foyer was more…grand though. It seems normal(when it comes to mansions in Beverly Hills), and for $125,000,000, I would want anything but normal.

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