Homes of the Rich Discussion

Hi Everyone! The discussion today is about mansions of course. I want to know what is the biggest house you have every been to. First, I’ll tell you my answer. I went to a 30,000 square foot mansion in Alpine, NJ that was still be constructed and it was a monster. It had four sets of stairs and a full size indoor basketball court. Also the hallways were so long that it felt like a gallery. The ceilings were over 12 feet high and I could here my voice echo in every room. It was really cool. It took me over ten minutes to walk through the whole house!

Please leave a comment telling us what was the largest house you have ever been to. Thanks!

2 Responses to “Homes of the Rich Discussion”

  1. Marie Says:

    Hello! the biggest house i’ve ever been, it was a 2,300 sq mt (around 23,000 sq ft), in the city of Sao Paulo, it had an helicopter pad, on the site, 3 swimming pools, a small club, they had a football field (on site), a 30 car-garage (outbuilding). The house had 10 bedrooms (en-suite, with closets and study), the master suite was massive, around 500 sq mt. All living areas with marble and beautiful woodwork. I think they should update the place tho (it is from the 80s or so), and include modern amenities, like a bowling alley, a bigger home cinema and some more things. Although, it is from the 80’s but it its not dated, the architecture is modern and the interior is bright, for it’s size, some houses can be dark inside… it belongs to my father’s friend, and they are in the construction business. Apparently they had an offer but declined, it was in 15-20 million range (US dollars).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Largest house I’ve been in is the Russell Simmons/Kimora Lee home in Saddle River. It’s about 30,000 sq. ft. Too gaudy. The number of mansions going up in Alpine. I just saw one in old Alpine being built that looks like it’s 25,000 sq feet. The Rio Vista section is unbelievable as is the section being developed by the golf course. Check out Vaccaro St–Some of the most flamboyant houses I’ve seen

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