Heres are some addresses in rich towns that are perfrect for house looking!

Saddle River, NJ:
1. Fox Hedge Road – (Russell Simmons lives on this street)
2. East Saddle River Road
3. Alford Drive – (really big mansions)
4. High Meadow Road North
5. Old Woods Road
6. Chestnut Ridge Road
7. Burning Hollow Road
8. Stonewall Road – ( 20,000+ square foot monster)

Alpine, NJ
1. Timberline Drive – (Lil’ Kim lives on this street)
2. Margo Way – (one of the largest homes in Alpine is located here)
3. Closter Dock Road – (main road in alpine, clusters of mansions)
4. Litchfield Way
5. Buckingham Drive
6. The Esplanade – (the devil’s tower is located on this street)
7. Rio Vista Drive – (new jersey’s largest house is located here)

Cresskil, NJ
1. Truman Drive – (cluster of about 2 dozen mansions including one monster)
2. East Hill Court – (mega mansions)
3. Huyler Landing Road
4. Hoover Drive
5. North Pond Road
6. McGrath Drive

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