A look at some Celebrity Mansions!

Micheal Jordan lives in a place called Architectural Estates in Highland Park IL. MJ estate has 29,000 square feet a basketball court, tennis court and putting green. There are over 200 mature 40′ pine tress that were purchased and tranplanted to the property at a cost of $10,000 a piece.

The Holyfield mansion is on 235 acres in southwest Atlanta in an area called Fairburn.The absurdly over the top mansion has reportedly 104 rooms, 54,000 square feet and a pool that looks like a tiny city.


2 Responses to “A look at some Celebrity Mansions!”

  1. Rudy Says:

    Found you on Luxist. Nice site. My advice: daily posts, bigger pictures, keep posting comments on Luxist, post comments on Bornrich, How to Roll, Bachelor Guy all of those. Great content with a lot of info and you will find your audience. Keep up the good work. I’ll visit everyday.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Thanks rudy! I will take what you said into consideration and try to make my blog better.

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