Crazy Expensive Home Additions

Nowadays, most people add things to their home that are quite typical; such as pools, movie theaters, and games. But for today’s new rich, those are just the beginning. These newly minted millionaires go a step further and add things too their homes that are quite uncommon. Forget the pool or ping pong table, from a two lane bowling alley in the basement, to an indoor racquetball court, the rich keep on spending to make their houses even more amazing. Here is a list of the most extreme home additions and the most expensive.

1. What: 2-Lane Bowling Alley
Cost: $88,000

2. What: Home Firing Range
Cost: $10,000

3. What: Indoor Rock Climbing Wall
Cost: $75,000

4. What: Wine Cellar
Cost: $15,000

5. What: Indoor Swimming Pool
Cost: $19,400

6. What: Indoor Racquetball Court
Cost: $80,000 +


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