A look at some of the biggest Mega Monster Mansions

The average size of a U.S. house is roughly 2,500 square feet. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming millionaires, with already about 10 million in the world, and they are using their money to build extravagant and stately mansions wherever they can find room. Across the nation, houses ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet of living space are not so abnormal anymore. They are being dubbed McMansions and are all the new rage. These size houses are becoming more and more frequent with the surge of wealth in America. But, there are those people who are just not content with living in a 10,000 square foot house, and so they build even bigger ones. I am talking about houses the size of small Wal-marts. They are monstrosities in of themselves and are known by the locals as “Mega-Mansions.” These mega-mansions range in size from 40,000 square feet to more than 100,000 square feet. It is hard to imagine how anyone can live in such homes without getting lost. Here is a look at some of the largest private homes ever built in the United States.

I will be posting these houses shortly.


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